Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remembering Schmuckie

Remember Schmuckie?

Schmuckie, or Schmuck, is one of the two kittens I took care of since they were both, well, kittens. Their mom somehow being a complete ho and abandoned them for quite sometime until one day she came back to claim her rights towards the unfortunate two. So I looked into their eyes and waited if there's anything they wanted me to know.

They're saying, "Mama never loved her much"
And, "Daddy never keeps in touch".

And they stayed.

* * *

Sleeping spree on the ironing board (August 2009)

Schmuck is the one with white-grey mix fur color while Schmick is the one with whole dark and grain fur color. Took care of them both until they grew to be quite a pair of a lady and a gentleman, metaphorically speaking. When they grew to be quite significantly older, just like other young adults, they left to build their own lives.

And that was when I last saw both Schmick and Schmuck.

But today, ah, what a pleasant surprise it was to see Schmuck was sleeping outside at the compound where I usually bring them out during the evening when they were kids to play. She looked fine and well - her fur looked shiny and her earlobes looked clean. That means she has been taking of herself well. Her feet looked pinkish and soft, means she haven't been walking much.

But then there's another surprise.

She's pregnant.

Pew pew

Uh-oh. Now I know why she came back!


ayong said...

how cute. gumuks kucing tu. hehe~ terigt my cat kt rumah. time amek jg dulu, sangat keding, now super gemuk! haha~

~riena~ said...

sooo damn cute...
i just loveeee cats.