Sunday, February 07, 2010

Room Service

I happened to clean the room up today.

So here are some pics of them:

Well as you can see, the big rectangle thing is my bed. There's my acoustic guitar I bought sometime in 2006, my camera bag on top of a pile of folded clothes, my breakfast on the little shelf and pretty much everything else. Lets go to detail.

Here is the little book shelf where I store my bedtime reads. On top of the shelf are my breakfast - 4 chocolate cream-filled breads and a pack of Javanese coffee. There's too my electric guitar.

This is the inner part of the shelf. There are some good reads here. Also there's my duster in the top shelf and the digital guitar tuner in the middle compartment.

Then that's the mini pantry where I boil my water and dry my kitchenwares. The blue box holds my food ration. The shelf seen here contains a set of translated Al-Quran and on top of it are my reading lamp and in the box are all my cosmetic items, many thanks to mom. Next to the shelf is my umbrella, that has never been used till today.

Now this is the main table. As you can see, there's the computer, another book shelf, and some other stuffs on the table. Also seen is the main mirror and the clothes cupboard.

There's my lighter, my wrist watch, my ashtray, my face mask (I'm allergic to dust), my HP printer, my unfinished pack of Oreo, my stationary case, my alarm clock, my teddy piggy-bank, my solar-powered toy , my car key and some other stuffs.

These are the collections of engineering books and magazines I have in possession. There's some text books, FHM, August, Off The Edge, National Geographic, Personal Money and Men's Health. The House picture over there says, "Everybody Lies". And I'm sure Dr Hani recognizes the chipmunk that is hung on a pin over there. The black T-shirt keychain is a relic from the past.

The usual beverage - black coffee.


Anonymous said...

I am AMAZED. you're so organized! :)

ayong said...

lotsa stuff in ur room. :)

HaNi said...

eh, that is from me!
totally forgot i bought it. i should buy a real chipmunk so it can accompany ur day and night.

Noora Darmawan said...

i like it! *two thumbs up* =))

Anonymous said...

i like that u like coffee!! heee~

Fiza Falak said... me do my *ehemCLOSETehem* kthanxbye

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ila: ah. thanks :D

Julia: I have been an addict for coffee since years

fiza: NO.