Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three Things

I was once visited by a wise old man.

This old man was no peculiar old man like any other that I have so far encountered in my life. But it is worth to note that this old man, he had this one thing that stroke my curiosity as immediately as when my eyes saw him for the first time. My instinct told me that there was something extraordinary about this man; something from which I later on found out that I was totally right - he was indeed special.

He was a man of principles.

I was just a young man at the time, sitting at an empty table in Starbucks KLCC while waiting for the cup of hot latte on the table to cool down on a hot and humid afternoon typical to Malaysian tropical climate. It was full house and no other table was available for this old man I earlier noticed walking around with an umbrella, folded newspaper and a venti glass of hot frap in his hands while trying his best to find a place to sit from which, of course, I offered him to share the table with me.

He sat and thanked me at the same time. We shook hands and started to introduce each other, a common practice of Asian manner. Seeing when I started to light up a cigarette, he took something behind his jacket - a cigar - and we smoke our rolls of tobacco in our best showmanship.

After halfway doing the cigar, he bent towards me for a bit, and he said he would like to offer me an advice, and from the way he said it he really did mean it, as if it was an offer I could not refuse, as an act of thanking me for my courtesy of offering him a place to sit. I nodded, for I started to find this man as quite interesting - well mannered, noble, clean and seemed to be someone with power - and I looked forward to listen to what he called an advice.

And then I did.

He told me something I never forget in my life.

* * *

Three things.

"Three things," he said. "Three things that can drive a man up, and three same things that can draw a man down in the same effect."

I tapped the ash off my cigarette into the black ashtray while my eyes pinned on his hand with three fingers being raised up to signify the correct amount of things he earlier mentioned. Three.

"You can safely have one, two maximum, at one time, and you will go up all the way in your life. But remember, not all three, for all three will immediately bring you down to the ground to where you earlier came from, and you will lose all these three things you earlier possessed."

I listened still.

"Three things," he repeated. "Just three things."

* * *

Women, power and wealth.

The rule states that:

1. The maximum you can have safely is two out of the three.
2. By having all, you are in a dangerous position unless precaution measures are taken.
3. If you have all three but no precaution measures are taken, chances are you will face quite a cruel downhill right away.
4. You fall, you lose all.
5. All three are well connected to each other.
6. The challenge is to have all and lose none.

So lets us men take a look at these configurations, with some brief explanations attached to them:

Women + Power
When you have women and power, the last thing you need to complete yourself is wealth. But your women may have the tendency to consume your wealth, and this will make you lose your power. Or you might want to expand your power using your wealth, and this will cause your women to lose your attention. Either way, you lose.

Women + Wealth
When you have those, the next thing is power. You might wanna use your money for power, and same thing happens - you lose your attention for your women. And if you use women for you to obtain power, you need to provide them with financial backup too, no? Either way you lose.

Wealth + Power
This one is classic. A many people of these qualities have perished for their own greed in pursuing the last item - women. You give too much time in women, and you lose all. Women of course won't stay with someone who has no power, let alone wealth.

* * *

But there was only two ways to have them all and lose non. But I am so sorry, for the deal I made with that old man was that, I am never to reveal the secret but to only three persons from which I accept as brothers by oath, never by blood.

And I have yet to have any that is worth telling.

Another deal I made with the old man was that I am never to reveal about what he told me to anyone at all until he is gone. And he did go away - he passed away last January.

This means the deal is unsealed, hence the post.

So, anybody wants to be the lucky three guys? Hehe.


Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali said...



My dad once told me about this, and refused to answer the very last question.

It'd be a pleasure to know :)

I enjoy reading your blog.
Keep it up =)

FarA said...

The old man must have gotten all three; living a good life. And of course leaving all three in a manner of au naturle where I can say, he has succeeded his life perfectly.