Tuesday, February 16, 2010

V-Day; Pre & Post Event

February 12th 2010, Friday.

Left UTP at around 5.30pm, only to notice that there was this long queue at the main entrance/exit checkpoint. Apparently these guys were giving off free coffee and goodbye wishes to those who were driving to leave the compound back to respective hometowns. Wise thing to do, very innovative and very creative. Salutes.

Whoa free caffeine in cups!

Made three stops - one at Simpang Pulai Rest Area to fuel up the car while Roomey went off for some food. Found that the chicken rice and coconut milk rice served over there were extremely delicious. Then another stop was made at Tapah Rest & Rescue for Dunkin Donuts, some coffees and fresh fruits shopping - some guavas, rose apples and sapodillas, dad's favorite. The last one was made at Ulu Bernam Rest & Rescue for the famous Pak Tam's located inside the Agro Bazaar next to the R&R main building. The food was great and the coffee was tasty as well. Bought some starch crackers for mom.

I smell food.

Reached home at around 10.30pm to meet these two rascals who have now gotten quite active. Mom named them as:

Coal, and...


Was looking forward for the next day to meet someone.

* * *

13th February 2010, Saturday.

Went to the Pavilion and Suria KLCC for some shopping and food with mom and my brother. Had good meals in Dome, despite the heavily crowded place.

Yep that's my brother alright.


Supposed to go out with a certain somebody but she could not make it due to certain errands. Spend the night at Oldtown Kopitiam Taman Permata with some juniors over some cuppa coffees and toasts.

* * *

14th February 2010, Sunday

Had a meeting in the morning that lasted the whole day long. Didn't go out at all.

* * *

15th February 2010, Monday.

Went to KLCC Park with Hunny Dippz to teach her some basic guitar chords. Had a good time with her, despite that we saw some unfortunate motorists earlier, a couple to be exact, who died on the spot when the bike they were both on hit an incoming bus head-on. Pretty scary thing, the scene was.

Spent some more time with her for dinner and then sent her back home.

* * *

16th February 2010, Tuesday.

Came back to UTP with Roomey. Went for dinner at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort and proceeded to feed the kois there.

The Kois. RM0.50 per pack of fish food.

The Pro Shop.

The main dining hall with CNY decorations.

That's my car.

Unpacked my stuffs and welcomed some new items in the collections:

A guitar amplifier for my electric guitar.

Some Lokams from mom.

The beans. Thanks Roomey.

More beans :D

Bought this from Starbucks.

And this one was a birthday gift. Thanks you! :D

And thats about it. That's my holiday like. How about yours?


ayong said...

u have so much fun!
im happy fer u!

Petite Fairy said...

we drive the same car :)

Farah said...

U n ur brother, sekali pandang, macam twin. 2 kali pandang sure la nampak u lagi tua. Haks! And ur car, makaih berkilatnye. The car wash centre did a really good job!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ayong: thanks darla :D

VV: we did not darling, for if we did, we wud have bumped into each other already. same model perhaps? :b

Farah: well thanks, fara