Monday, March 08, 2010

The Alphas, Betas, Gammas and Shits.

A lady friend came to me late last night.

When I went out from my apartment to meet her, I saw her sobbing by the sidewalk. Very clearly this had been going on for quite some time, judging from her obviously swollen eyes. There were crumpled tissue papers in her hands. Her face disappeared behind her long, wavy hair; her cheeks looked so flushed and wet from endless river of tears, and that shaking cherry lips of hers trembled continuously as she tried her best to arrange her words to explain just what the hell happened that caused her to break down this way.

I didn't want anybody to see her that way, so we took a walk to a place under the moonlight to sit down (since she was weak from breaking down too much) and to talk about it. When we walked, nothing was said really. We were just walking; I was with my grumpy, tight face from knowing that she was certainly hurt by some things, while she sobbed along the way to the destination - both busy doing what we thought were worthwhile doing at the time.

When we reached a point somewhere in the middle of the way to the parking lot (where I first planned to bring her to), she stopped and held my arm with both hands and cried out; her hands shook my entire body as her shoulder rose and dropped from every sob she let out. Tears dropped endlessly from her chin to the ground, they sparkled as they did.

"Help me," she said. "Help me. Please."

I held her shoulder and told her to sit down on an elevated concrete walkway next to the grand piazza by the parking lot and she continued to cry. The more tissue papers she pulled out from the pack, the more tears seemed to be coming out. It heated me up just to see her in that condition. Whatever that struck her must have struck her good; she was a very strong lady, and this was the first time in almost 6 years since we first know each other that I saw her breaking apart. I just stood there, looking at her. There was no point to console her just yet; she needed to let out of everything to prepare herself to face me again.

After some time she slowed down and pulled up her head, looking at me straight in the eyes. I could see her face glowed in the dimmest rays from the streetlights. Her cheeks were even wetter. Her hair fell into places, creating a beautiful aura beneath that saddening post of her. She looked at me long, begging for my sympathy. That clearly showed that she was ready to put up to things and to let me know of what specifically struck her, and that means I have to be ready with my ears and brain. My ears were perfectly working, but my brain needed some reactivation to regain its full sharpness.

So I lighted up a cigarette.

I took in a few puffs while looking into her face iron-cold, and when I sensed that my brain was firing up through my every powerful neuron, I gave her my order:


* * *

It happened that a bunch of useless girls in smaller, non-related useless cliques have somewhat formed up together to becoming a larger, but still as useless, clique, and drove the lady friend of mine into a state of insanity, by means of provoking her into such state, through endless verbal attacks, both directly or indirectly.

It has been told to me last night that the attack has been going for almost a year now.

Rumors, past-mishaps, and all every bad thing was brought up to knowledge of everyone around her, in the pursuit to destroy her emotionally, physically, and perhaps in her studies and soon her future too, if she ever succumb to it, which she never did until last night. And what happened was perfectly predictable - she gave in, she broke down, and she gave up.

It took me two bloody hours just to calm her down.

By telling my story.

* * *

Human are simple.

We are mammals, from which our closest relative in biological order is primate, from which again we fall under the family of apes, being the only extant member of the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family, bearing the species name Homo Sapiens, or 'wise man' or 'knowing man' in Latin.

Being primates that we are, we are prone to live in a social group, simply because we thought life will be much easier when we live in a community, which of course, it is. But in every community there will be ranks, for a community must have a leader, and more often and not, a community must have what it sees as celebrities, whether with good or bad remarks. These celebrities are usually being made one by the community itself, because they are, God bless, different from the others in the group.

These are the people we oftenly refer to as the Alpha Dogs.

The Alpha Dog is the individual in the community with the highest rank.The alpha animals are given preference to be the first to eat and the first to mate; among some species they are the only animals in the pack allowed to mate. Other animals in the community are usually killed or ousted if they violate this rule. The term 'alpha male' is sometimes applied to humans to refer to a man who is powerful or in a high social position. 'Alpha female' is used to indicate a highest-status female, whether actual or self-proclaimed.

Alpha Dogs sit alone.

This is not due to the fact that they are proud or anti-social whatsoever - this is simply because that is what they do by being alpha, being at the top in a community. And by being at at the top, the Alphas often face challenges from the Betas (second lowest) and the Gammas (lowest). The Betas often challenge the Alphas through battles in terms of physical power, attraction, masculinity, intellectuality and many others that we consider as relevant and civilized. The Gammas however, not being able to beat the Alphas before being Betas first, will do the most uncivilized thing - making noises in the hopes to obtain power from intimidation, both seen by Betas and Alphas as completely ridiculous, idiotic and mostly referred to as 'poop-talkers'.

Constantly being intimidated by both Betas and Alphas, and of course never being able to beat the both in a one-on-one battle, the Gammas move in groups to gain self-confidence and actively work together to achieve mutual success through uncivilized ways; beating down an Alpha by whacking it in a group, blackmailing an Alpha in the hopes of emotional breakdown whatsoever. Totally childish, totally idiotic and of course, totally useless.

The constant irritations done by the Gammas towards the Betas and Alphas are easily explained - jealousy. When one cannot be great, smack the greats and pull them down to one's level. Simple. The jealousy is oftenly from completely ridiculous reasons - the Alphas and Betas are an eyesore as a whole to the Gammas, therefore they shall be eliminated.

Which is, of course, stupid.

* * *

Now back to the lady.

She is a tall female with great female figure - the sort of things that will make most men go 'whoa!'. Somewhat a great learner too, she happened to score a lot of her subjects, making her one great student. And she lives a lifestyle different from other students who are constantly struggling to achieve to her level - she doesn't study at all; she spent most of her time going places. One can easily find her loitering at the mamak almost every night. She walks alone most of the time in jeans and only T-shirt to class, where other females in her class dress so much to impress; totes, blushers, heels et cetera, and walk in groups, oftenly with one or two good looking ladies in the group so that the others can share the glow. This shows that she has a very high confidence level - a clear trait of an Alpha.

And by being all these, she gets most attention from the males, from which the other females get intimidated, from which they will start struggling to gain the attention from the males, from which of course, do not work. So they retaliate - they smash the lady's reputation by spreading rumors and digging into her past stories so that she will break down and avoid going to classes anymore, so that the other girls will again take control, which is to me very pathetic.

They attack her because she is different, and much more successful than they are. How is that not pathetic? That clearly shows a clear trait of being Gammas - constant insecurity. When they attack, well, they downgrade themselves into being Shits. Who would want to attach someone because he/she is greater than you are, and he/she does not do anything at all to harm you but you take it personally somewhat, seeing him/her as a complete threat? And just because you cannot compete to him/her on their level, you go nuts over it and play some tricks instead?

Shits do that. Seriously. I have met some.

* * *

"Men who talks bad about others obviously do not have good things about themselves to talk about."

There is only one way to battle this, and that was EXACTLY what I told her to do. That is the only thing I did, because somewhat I have walked in her shoes for more than ten hundred thousand miles now.

People call me names a lot from what I do - blogging, writing, photography, socializing, academic involvement, projects involvement, golfing, being in charity groups, being in political groups, getting my master's degree, talking, walking, dating, and even worst, my skills in English language.

They called me a show-off.

Now look:

If you hate my blog, leave. This is my blog. Go open some bombastic blog of your own and let's see if we can match. If you don't like the way I bring myself, go away and become something else. If you hate things I do, do something great by not getting involved too. If you hate me because I happen to get some attentions from the ladies, that's because I worked for it. If you hate me because you cannot match my skills in writing, photography and English, that's not my problem, you see. Go read some books. Learn. Read up. You should take me as a competition, not a fight. That organ in your skull is there for a reason, so do something good with it.

If you hate me because I'm happy, then be happy.

Because even if you keep on talking bad things about me, I'm still winning. I still have my beloved followers - these are the BRAVE people who dare to stand up and be different - thank you so much, darlings! If I am a show off, will I have them? Will I have people liking my photographs? Will I even have friends? I'd still wake up the next morning, doing great things. I'd still have fun going out with friends, girls (especially that girl you wanted so much but you didn't get anyway because you were being a pussy all over the way) and my family. I'd still have my swings at the golf club. I'd still be taking pictures for those who appreciate them. I'd still do a lot of things, while you bad-hearted and foul-mouthed people stay up all day and night talking about me in order to bring me down.

Here's my advice: don't pay attention to what I do. Because the more you pay attention to me, the more you will hate me, and the more I will stay deep in your minds, scarring you day and night by just doing nothing at all. I will rot you mind. The more you will grow angry and the more hateful you become, and you start putting rumors up to destroy me in the hopes to get some attention from other people. And while you are doing all these, all I do is to lie down on some green grass bedding under a shady tree reading some comics and have some laughs, or maybe enjoying some nice sceneries at the golf clubs with my family and friends and girls (the girls you wanted so much but you didn't get because ohhh you know the rest don't ya?), or maybe snoring soundly on my bed - nothing of these actually involve you directly, but you still talk about them nevertheless.

Because the more you push me, the more I'll go.

And in the end, what do you get? Nothing, except from gaining some reputations as being some small-time gossips, and some high blood pressure.

But well, at least you're something, right?


Unknown said...

Nice one bro. Kinda have to agree with you :)

G said...

jealousy turns our heart upside down n makes people insidious. pity her n for u well done

Anonymous said...

em. i like your writing. i read lots of your posts. and i don't think you're a show-off.


and um..they don't make the world go round. so um..ignore them.

oh. i moved to

saje nk bgtau.

take care!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thank you, all of you =)

J said...

Your line 'If you hate me because I'm happy, then be happy' is now my favourite quote ;)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks, J. Do come again, for i randomly happen to come out with quotes.