Sunday, March 07, 2010

AutoCAD Hammer Time

I'm an engineer by profession.

Though I am not currently practicing, I'm still an engineer.

This means I have to get myself fascinated with many engineering softwares. One of them is AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drawing software from which you can draw lots of things. Lots of things, like lots lots lots of things. All you need is some creative minds and some time. And some pretty basic understanding on using the software, of course.

Even a fetus knows that fact. Moving on.

At times I always found myself bored with life daily, usually when I'm in the middle of doing two things from which I could find a loop in between the both; an empty gap.

So what I did was, well, AutoCAD.

Here are some stuffs I did in the past:

A Space Shuttle - never completed. Malas.

A Long -range Missile with Nuclear Warhead - time spent: 30mins

An Ass-kicking Excavator - time spent: 3 hours

A Nuclear-powered Submarine with ICBM silos - time spent: 1 hour plus

An Ultra-large ICBM & Launching Pad - time spent: 2 hours

An ultra-large Static Artillery Support Gun - time spent: 2 hours

A Double-barrel Heavy Machine Gun on Tripod - time spent: 1 hour

An Ottoman-style Super Mosque - time spent: 3 hours

A Kiddy Popcorn Launcher - time spent: 45 mins

And the last one is my all-time favorite:

An Imperial AT-AT Walker, first introduced in the Battle of Hoth, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - Time spent: 7 hours and 45 mins

* * *

Next AutoCAD model:

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