Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cried Out

When I heard it on the lines
When I crossed so many times
But I still default again
When I cried out your name

Could you be by my side
Could you say I'm your life
But I have to stand again
To be with you till the end

Getting alert is a lie
But we can teach them to try
Is that thing that you do?
Comes back in time just for you

They want to warn me all about
They want to say how do it out
Is it by walking on it by?
And my head down and cry

Why i have such that face
I think im better off this place
This is where they have to be
Where the place wild and free

When I kiss ur head goodbye
There something burst in sky
When I had this chance again
To be with you till the end

Some say I hurt myself too much
Someday I won't turn on the light
Cried out what you have done to me
Pulled the door and you hand me the key

Don't wanna grow too old too fast
One day there all be time at last
Make love is all that you have said
It's not easy to recreate.

Servant Jamm

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