Saturday, March 06, 2010

Female & Spring Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that the females you know tend to, out of a sudden, clean their space of living at certain times of the month?

This includes vacuuming, sweeping, mopping et cetera that are done at any time out of the routine. Lets say a lady used to clean her home every weekend but out of a sudden she starts to clean the house on a Thursday when there is not even a need to. She could still wait for the weekend and clean the house up, provided that she's still be at home that weekend. Plus, on that particular Thursday the house was hardly messy at all; there are no signs of food leftovers on the floor, the kitchen did not explode the day before, there is no dead body of an ex to be found around, the ice-cream pack is still in the fridge and the dishes are all done with - no, not at all messy.

But she cleans up anyway.

Have you gone through this kind of situation? I am sure many of you did. Do sit back and relax, and start recalling about these oftenly unnoticed events. Got it all now? Good. At least you now have the memories in mind, which means you are ready for the next question.

The next question is:

Have you ever wondered why?

* * *

Here's why :-

Many women feel compelled to vacuum their house when they are ovulating. Some experts believe it has something to do with wanting to clean the nest before laying her egg.

Pretty impressive huh?

It's pretty neat when this is observed. There's a lot of other information from which, given enough information about, can be derived from this phenomenon. For instance, once you catch your females-in-observation start to clean up the house out of a sudden, you can tell that roughly 10 to 20 days after that takes place, the chances for them to lose their heads over the smallest of things are at their peaks. So you might want to tell yourselves to be a bunch of good boys until that happens.

There are many other information that can be derived too. But I am not going to reveal them to you lazy asses, unless of course, you happen to convince me, successfully, that you deserve to know.

That's a lot of information already. Now watch your backs and keep your noses clean.


Hidayah said...
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Hidayah said...

seems like u love to read women..cant deny ur facts from ur perspective either..but people are subjectives anyway..i'd still in behavior class and still learning about it..hehe. it sometimes depend how lucky a guy/girl to get the right person. Some people like to pretend and act different ways just to impress someone..well, how much more do u know about a woman??

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

how much more do i know about women?

more than you do.

Hidayah said...

how sure are u by observing "the chosen ones" u can say that u understand women more than i do?? about "female and spring cleaning" kind of things,it depends on how "rajin" a woman is..if a woman is same like what in last nite movie "Dalil Cinta" tv3, then a guy can be consider as a lucky guy ever!she dont even have an intention to clean her room either even though in so called ovulation time or what not..(i'm just giving an example)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

what made you think i only observe one or two particular women?

Hidayah said...

i'm just saying based from my own judgment and assumption..i might be wrong anyway. u might say dat u already pick the right sample size for your observation, but still nothing is absolute when involve behavior.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

in terms of judging, you need to have pure knowledge on the subject matter. And to assume is an easy way to skip the learning process and jump straight into judging - an ethic from which I don't really find profound and novel.

Behaviors of human are simple; they come in patterns. Once you see a pattern in selected samples, you subsampling them into categories. then you relate them to specific behaviors. then you analyze and connect them to the clearest explanations for them.

I didn't come out with the theories. Some researchers did. And we both know that these people know what they're doing, which none of us really do understand.

simplicity. a solution to a complicated mind.