Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gas, Fiza Falak and Cookie

Unlike many other days, today seemed to be somewhat spectacular.

Two years worth of effort has finally paid off.

Above is the image of the synthesis gas flare that is combusted right from the bottom side gas outlet of the gasifier reactor. This gas is produced from thermal degradation of biomass inside the reactor. This producer gas, if supplied into an spark ignition engine, will right away becomes its fuel, hence the future of replacing gasoline/diesel/LNG driven motor-vehicles with the aforementioned fuel.

With a few refinements, the gas is pretty much alright for usage.

One day, my team and I will replace petroleum derivative fuels with this. Please do pray for our success, occay? :)

* * *

Fiza called today.

She needs a few helps regarding her writing work, in which I did attend to her cry. And then she took these images; a pair of notes she wrote during when we were in conversation and posted them in her Twitter:

Which is very sweet of her. By the way you really have to work on your handwriting, darling. I will soon come back home and we'll be right where we belong again in no time, occay?

* * *

Met yet another idiot today.

Let call it Cookie.

I was in the room with the guys when this Cookie appeared in my YM and started thrashing me in many ways; my golfing was at an amateur level, I am a wannabe, I am this I am that, apparently a very brittle summary of things taken from my blog. We started laughing when Cookie lost it in YM, blasting off like an old oven. Cookie even touched about how I suppose to describe the way I smoke a cigarette at the very beginning - I should lit it, not lighted it. And me and Roomey and the rest of the gang started jumping around laughing upon reading the comment.

Guess what, Cookie?

EITHER lit or lighted is acceptable and completely grammatically correct and interchangeable, and either may be used as the past tense and past participle of the verb to light.

But then oh well you know, some people. Cookie even faced me (us, to be exact) with a disguised account. My, that sure did took a lot of effort.

And then Cookie told me to kill myself. That's when Roomey lost it and started laughing, and one thing about Roomey is that, his laughter is contagious. Soon enough, everyone started laughing. Instead of me supposedly being all down and depressed, my head went to a circus mood instead.

Well it's good to know that I still can bring effect to some people. By just writing a blog! How that cannot be anymore fascinating?! It's the coolest shit ever!

If you can't bear to read this blog, don't read it. What's the big deal? Even an infant could tell. It's even easier than to decide where to eat tonight. Alright, Cookie? Next time do face me like a man instead from making all new disguised account just to communicate with me. Please, yo, if you can't politely correct sans the bitter bite, eschew the extraneous commentary! This is a personal blog, not an amateur intelligence-contest message board. But at least you tried, right? Right. But it didn't happen the way you expected. So why don't you move on to other people instead? That kid over there at the corner looks like he can use some bits of whacking.

But don't forget your mask, or he will recognize you! Oh, right, you know this already.

So readers all, what do we tell to this type of people?

EXACTLY! Hi Five yeah!


woody said...

hai cik fiza.. haha.. sorry jack.. >.<'

cik jaa said...

research tu confirm boleh replace the fuel??h.e.b.a.t =)

LuTaNiA said...

Tell cookie to fuck himself!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

oh well.