Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get a Life

Do you remember when was the last time people told you to get a life?

Do you? I certainly do.

People oftenly tell other people to 'get a life' whenever they see that this other people are doing things that they see are not in accordance with 'life', hence the need for them to 'get a life'. These things, for example are being dull and static all day, or being studying for too long, or being nosy all the time, among other things. These are the things that people generally see as 'not having a life' so whoever doing those, they really need to 'get a life'.

Some of the conscious ones, they can even tell when they are not having life, hence "I don't have a life."

As I once understood the people who oftenly tell others to 'get a life', at least from my estimation, must be having some hell of a life, so I though that that must have been the reason why they stand up to others and speak up to them and tell them to 'get a life', for a reason as simple as because the life the others are having is a living hell, or hell for a living, not hell of a living, which they are proudly having. But all the way to here today I have came across many scenes where the phrase 'get a life' was massively thrown, and as I carefully observed and analyzed them, I changed my thoughts a few times and today I could easily say that I have certainly changed my point of perspective about the whole 'get a life' business and the way I think about this particular phrase - 'get a life'.

You want to know what I personally think about it?

I think it's bullshit.

* * *

What is life?

My definition for life is simple - it is the opposite of death.

So as long as you are not dead, you are pretty much alive. So by being alive, it means that you have a life (life on earth, not the afterlife - that is totally a different story). So by having a life, what else, of life, for you to be getting?

Let's look at the definition provided for 'get a life':-
This popular culture phrase 'get a life' is an originally American idiom and catch phrase usually intended as a taunt, to indicate that the person being so addressed (called a 'nolife') is devoting an inordinate amount of time to trivial or hopeless matters. The phrase has also appeared as a generally more emphatic variant of the taunt 'get a job' and implies the addressee needs to go out and make their way in the world, without being supported by outside sources such as parents or benefactors. It may also be directed at someone who is perceived as boring or single-minded; suggesting they acquire some other, more practical interests or hobbies and get dates, find a job, or move to their own house.

It is also applied to so-called workaholics and others who are perceived as dedicated to their work (out of 'labor of love' as opposed to money or loyalty to the company) but not taking the time to relax or enjoy life.

Sometimes the phrase is used to describe people who are viewed as officious or meddling in others' affairs. It is another way of saying 'get your own life', or 'mind your own business'.
So the people who usually get 'get a life' thrown at are most likely dull, boring, workaholic, do not enjoy much, do not hang out much, do not party much, do not shop much, et cetera. The people who are having life are the people who have the exact opposite criteria of those who need to 'get a life'.

Oh really?

Once I asked some of the people I came across in the past, "what is getting a life ?". And the answers were almost typical - go shopping, go outing, go for movies, go see the world, go out and enjoy, go partying, get high, go spend some cash in exchange for some fun, go fuck a bull, et cetera.

Nothing at all about serious, meaningful, life-related goals in the long run. What, don't tell me you're going to party the whole time? Don't you get backache or something? Or run out of cash? Oh so your daddies supply you cash, like all the time? Don't you think about your whole life in the long run? Come on.

But what do I care about what you think anyway. You have a life, don't you?

So here comes the question, what if the 'life' of these people who occasionally get 'get a life' thrown at them, is the life that they enjoy? What if being workaholic makes them happy rather than wasting time (the way they see it, at least) laughing like drugged nincompoops by the drain over completely nothing at all, with friends? What if by doing works or study are the things that at least ensure them to have good lives after this? They are just doing their roles as a whole in the community, and perfectly enough, they don't even become at all barricades for you to go out and have fun and 'get a life'. So why are you, yes you proud people who claim to so far be having quite a life, to poke them 'nolives' and tell them to 'get a life'?

Aren't you just being nosy? And now my readers all, what we usually tell to people who are nosy about other people's business?



Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali said...

Seriously, one of the best posts ever! =D

Thumbs up!

woody said...

ppl starts to bug me around with this sentence is when i go online in World of Warcraft.. LOL~!

HaNi said...

when people said to me "takde life la kau ni"
i said "i AM living my life and will earn tons of pahala & money from it"

SSL said...


life is when you're breathing.

right now,

this is life.