Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naming Babies.

At the driving range, Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort.

"Wei Jack." He positioned himself to hit the ball.


"Aku ingat kan..." He pulled the iron backward and swung, and Ka-pow! There it went, the ball, 180 yards.

"Kau ingat apa?"

"Aku ingat la kan," he said. "Ni bila aku dah kawen sok la kan..."

"Mm-hmm..." I positioned myself to be ready to hit the ball straight to the island. The cigarette hung in between my lips.

"Nanti bila aku dah kawen, aku ingat..."

I pulled the iron and started to give a full swing towards the lonely golf ball on the green mat.

"...aku nak namakan anak-anak aku dengan nama ex aku la."

"Pffttttt...!!" Ka-put. There went the ball, 4 feet and into the lake with an annoying splash. My cigarette fell to the floor.

I looked at him, who was then sitting on the patio chair while holding the golf stick and smoking his mild Dunhill.

"What the hell, man?" I said. I took the fallen ciggie and tapped it a little.

"What?" he replied. "I mean, wouldn't it be merrier if I name my daughters with my exes's names?"

"Right," I said, still annoyed from the unexpected confession. "What about your sons then?"

"Well," he said and made some smoke rings. "Let my wife name them after her exes."
"Yeah man," I said. "Whatever."

I put another ball and positioned myself again. Aim for the island, I said to myself. I pulled the stick high and around, ready for a full swing. And here we go, full swing!

"Or maybe we name them after you."


* * *

Last la aku pegi range dengan kau Sham.


MeiLin said...

I never actually thought someone will actually do that..having all the exs' names on the kids would be a nightmare. huhu

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

well some people you know :b