Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scars from Unveiled Secrets

There are certain things in life that are supposed to remain secrets.

There are things that I was supposed not to know at all costs. These things are the things from which if I've got to know will only disturb me for long, if not only for short, and they shall remain undisclosed to my knowledge, whatever it takes. But unfortunately for my case, one by one of these collections of things that were supposed to remain as the darkest of secrets leaked from every direction, with me being their end destination.

And this has certainly bothered me.

By chance, it wasn't that I tried to dig things out from any reliable source but I guess The Almighty had some plans for me, from which I suppose that too was and still is a secret up until now, and for whatever reasons that these secrets were made unveiled upon me, I still feel that they were utterly unnecessary. Despite all evidence that I had found myself completely disturbed by the revelations, there were certain feelings too that I still do not get to altogether explain.

Now, under specific muse, I have slowly learned that the revelations that had been made against my will were in fact beneficial. For instance, let say I have a close friend from which never I did and never I will think that she would go around, me unknowing, jeopardizing things, but she did. And enlightened by certain hints and information, I soon got to know about it, and this surely will drive me into certain mix of emotions, from which the relationship between us both may then be taken to a state of emergency, if not a complete war.

This is where I soon know that she is the rat in the family. And no one forgives a betrayer.

Looking from many perspectives, I can easily conclude that, despite the affected emotions from knowing things that are better left unknown, there are also beneficial things that can be derived from the ultimate occasion. Now that I know that she is definitely a rat, a certain precaution steps have soon to be taken as to prevent her from causing more damages to Le Familie. If absolute diplomacy cannot bring order back to the situation, brute intimidation may conveniently be used, as long as the objective to shut her up is met.

But the scars always remain.

At the end of the day, personally, I still feel that certain things are better left untold, don't you think?

* * *

By the way, thanks for calling, Fiza.

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Hidayah said...

yup, sometimes it is better to remain silent and keep it to ourselves rather than it hurt someone that we love. But too much silent also not good as it's afraid the scar will grow bigger and bigger..until we cant afford to keep it anymore..and make our face turn to green as Hulk, that even more dangerous.