Monday, March 29, 2010


I love squids.

I find them cute when they are alive and yummy when they are dead.

As for the fun of it, do you know that one of the arms of male cephalopods (squids, cuttlefish, octopuses), named hectocotylus, is also its penis?


There are two types of squids that I happen to like so much, the common sotong basah and the gummy sotong kembang. So for the love of sotong, I went online and did my reading on them pretty much for the whole day today.

And apart from the tons of articles and images on squids, I happened to bump into this website that discusses Colossal Squid, or in local tongue, Sotong Gergasi, kot.

Well, takde-lah besar mana anyway.

But the best thing about this website is that, it allows users to 'Build a Squid'. This is where you build a squid, name it, let it loose and monitor its progress. You can play with it too, given that you can bang the unfortunate creature against the monitor wall from the inside using the mouse.

Jackie in the making.

Jackie in the deep blue sea.

Seriously, that is one weird-looking creature.

Seriously it looks real weird from here. But I LOVE it. And damn you all who don't love weird creatures. AHAH! I am gonna love it, and I am gonna love it good, you understand what I'm trying to say?

So far mine, Jackie, a somewhat odd-looking 1-kilogram marine-blue squid with bubble-like spots on it, an annoyingly huge mantle and a pair of strange, paranoid eyes, has been exploring around the deep sea. It had swam through a pack of deadly killer whales, bumped into some krills, and latest as you can see in the screen capture above, it had made friends with an albatross and had a fight with a toothfish.

I think he won the fight. He better win it...

...or somebody's gonna end up in my Tomyam tonight.

* * *

Update: Jackie had just escaped from a scientist. Whew! Way to go Jackie!


woody said...

i only see them as an edible creature.. lol

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

lol. tangan tu yang sedap tu.