Saturday, March 27, 2010

Story of a Gossip

Many have lately met me in separate occasions, whining about somehow one particular issue.

"They talked bad about me," they said.

Not quite really a mystery to anyone here, no? I am pretty sure that many of you have gone through the same type of problem, where you have seen or heard about, commonly, a number of people who group up regardless in one huge group of separate ones, doing the same routine with the same purpose - to talk about you in an ill manner, to affect particularly your morale.

I am not going to elaborate about these people I often refer to as useless, worthless, good for nothing pieces of shits that only live as to live up to completely rubbish-grade kind of lives. These are the people that I despise entirely for they are only as proud as a coward is, never at all they are any braver, in fact, never did, never will. In fact, I rather ride with a bucketful of miniature stinking baboon with bubonic butt plague and sneezes zits through their mouth for a whole day long than to sit with this kind of people, listening to what they talk about other people for a whole five bloody minutes.

Sorry, but I am just not into listening and conversing about other people's failures.

Nevertheless, as to answer the question that was asked by a few of you on 'Why People Talk Bad About Others?', I shall then continue this post to its end.

* * *

Two reasons.

There are two reasons why people talk bad about other people. There are many, but this time I will only discuss the two main reasons only.

The main reason is because, well, jealousy. When they cannot be what they want to be, they trash those who already be. Simple logic. The explanation on this can be found in the post Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Shits.

The second reason is quite interesting.

Everyone wants to be a center of attention. Don't you fucking deny it because, deep inside, you know that you do have it. And we human in the modern era pay high attention towards news and TV-jingles that reveals latest updates on things. It means that, subconsciously, we learn that by having news, we are more likely to be the center of the crowd, with accord to the cravings of the crowd where each news make a difference.

There is nothing wrong being the news-bearer.

But things become awfully wrong when you start to bring ill-kind of news (because it's human nature to be interested in another human's life, especially when it comes to failure-related stories). Also, it is as well good to note that those who tend to spread bad news, regardless true or not, about others to others, are the people from which they do not have much to tell about themselves. And these are the people who we usually refer to as, The Inferior Fucks.

The Inferior Fucks are the people who don't really have much to tell about themselves; they live an awfully dull life (but they refuse to admit it, in fact, they even brag that they live like rockstars when everyone could always see they are not not even up to a Popsicle level), they do not have many achievements to share with (also they refuse to admit because they say they do have it, only that 'we do not need to brag about it') and they as well do not have other good things to say and talk about. The Inferior Fucks also live with many life failures that in order to make them feel any better, they just talk about the failures of others.

That's for sure will make them a superstar right away. People do listen to gossips, and the easiest way to become the superstar at the table is, well, to be a gossip. But that is for sure too the lowest grade of superstar ever been made out of oneself, and will in the end causes a lot of trouble should the one being gossiped about takes the decision to retaliate.

For instance, someone used to talk behind me even until recently about how bad I was with ladies many years back, like what, ten years ago? Fine, I was just a kid back then, nothing great. We all have been through that. But this chap kept on talking about it over and over at food outlets whenever he was out with his friends. I used to not give much of a damn about it because, well clearly enough he wasn't any brighter than a dim lightbulb, but lets just say that I was in a bad mood when I overheard him saying craps about me to his friends without him knowing that I was just standing behind him at the time.

Now this chap, was a close friend to me until somewhere along the way he chose to stay away. And I wasn't much into talking him to come back, one thing because it sounds gay, and second thing is, it still sound as gay. And then he talked bad about me to his friends, 3 males and 4 females at the time. But many thanks to our friendship that I know many of his failures - most of them are beyond any achievable level, completely unbearably stupid and idiotic kind of failures.

So when I overheard him talking about me the other day, first I did was to put both my hands on his shoulder (so that he remained seated for all time) and I said, "that's enough about me. Let's talk about you."

And for a freaking five minutes, I was the center of attention.

Not that I am proud of being such a gossip, but after three years I finally decided to stand up to myself. And I did. I let all his dirty secrets out from my chambers of duty in front of his friends, just so that he learned how it feels to be a character of gossips. And as well as for me to feel how it feels to become a gossip, at least for a little while in the name of the duty of vengeance.

So my points are; 1) Do not be a gossip for it is the lowest level of things you could do with your intelligence, 2) Do not listen to gossip because it is better to seek the truth from the person being gossiped, 3) Gossipers are worst than flies that die under my foot, and 4) Retaliate when necessary.

I did retaliate because I thought it was about time for that useless chap of mine to shut up and start talking about other things, or maybe start doing something good and talk about it rather than to sit down doing nothing but talk bad about me, because sooner or later when I feel that I couldn't take it no more, I might spring the leak, which I did. And you know what?

It felt fucking great.


Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali said...

Some people talk bad about others to make themselves look good.

I despise those kind of people.

Oh wait. Did I just put myself on the same level by talking bad about them? I hope not.

Yes, I encounter this kind of situation quite often. Seems pretty normal to me. And I won't be shocked whenever it happens.

LuTaNiA said...

WOw, u really did the whole "That's enough abt me, let's talk about u"?
That is BEYOND brave! congrats for having the balls to stand up for yourself. I'm still finding mine. :D

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...


You only express your dislikes, not entirely or ever trashing them. Hence, I think that is entirely alright. :)


Sometimes, you've just gotta do what you've gotta do, no? It's limited flexibility, for I am no rubber. ha! :D