Saturday, March 06, 2010

Tough Guy 101

Men today have changed.

Most of us have turned the other cheek from becoming a real man - tough man. Looking around there are many men who became so sensitive and in touch with their feelings. Settling 'unfinished business' nowadays usually is done with a middle man being sandwiched in between the two in conflict. Many too have suffered from humiliation and embarrassment; being made fun of, being poked in the face by those dirty fingers of other men, and did nothing about it. Men today choose to retreat with their tails in between their legs and walk away, just like that. There is nothing wrong about retreating, but here what matters is what follows - defeat.

You can retreat, but never in defeat.

There were times back then when unresolved conflicts are done on a mano-a-mano talk. There were times when fighting back was an art. There were times when pride was something that is protected with one's life. Nowadays, men have soften up too much, and at times they will find themselves in trouble while trying to compete with the rest of the world. They often get beaten down before the game starts, and suffered the defeat for many months to come, if not years.

So why don't I draw down some pretty basic guides to at least becoming somewhat a tough guy for men to regain that heroic sense once again.

1. Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Tough guy talks toughly. This does not necessarily mean that you have to curse and scream around showing how tough you are. Pussies do that and that ain't you. When someone talks badly to you, make sure he does that when you are looking at them in the eye while you do nothing at all. Usually when you do that, the idiota will lose their hardness, because, unless you are a tough guy, poking at someone's face while looking into their eyes are very difficult. When you are doing the talk, make sure you maintain eye contact and talk calmly but fiery. Don't yell and curse whatsoever.

If they resist to continue the assault, invite them to 'lets get out and settle this outside'.

2. Have Ideals, and Stand By Them

Have a code of conduct, and stand by it. Defend it at all costs. Be it loyalty, honesty, trust or respect, a tough guy has principles and ideals that he follows and defends. Tough guy doesn't compromise, because if he does, it shows that he is bendable and a coward. These values of ideals will show how tough you are in dealing with daily situations. If your code is loyalty, make sure you are one loyal bastard, because if you bend, chances are that to those whose code is trust, you are to them a betrayer.

And no one forgives a betrayer.

3. Pick Your Confrontations

Don't go out searching for a fight. Tough guy doesn't have anything else to prove. Those who challenge others for fights are barbarians. Fight only on a fight worth fighting. You don't want to waste your time slapping around on an imbecile. Know when to break; break too early and people will see you as a hot-headed pancake, and break too late and you have already lost your toughness by then. Fight only on important battles where your pride and values are at stake.

If some guys bumps into you, they are probably not worth it. But if a guy bumps into your wife, damn it, you better act.

4. Don't Wear Your Emotion On Your Sleeve

Everyone has one, emotion that is not sleeve, but it doesn't mean you have to show them. Most importantly is fear. Everyone has that too, but tough guy hides it. Because if one smells your fear, that means you are in your most defensive position, and they'll know that you are an easy catch to be toyed around, because those in fear are vulnerable and weak. Show your fear and you will end up being played around all year round.

Hide it, and you are not only a tough guy, but a fearful one.

5. Take It Like A Man

And don't complain. Everyone gets hurt, so does a tough guy; he plays pain and take it like a man. Complaining is only for pussies who crave for attentions, for mommas' pats at the back. The amount of respect obtained from enduring pain is greater than the sympathy you get from complaining.

For example it having a fever - let one or two people at work know about it while you are still busy working nevertheless and you are a hero; letting the whole Twitter world knows about it while you lie on your bed and rant about how messed up your life has been so far, you're a pussy.

* * *

Not many have what it takes to become one tough guy, but at least you can try. It's never too late for some change to regain your manhood.

So be a man. Do the right thing.

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