Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Happened Today: Part Deux

I one bought a solar-powered leaves-flipping, flower-flapping plastic plant for someone.

Well, the idea was to show my love towards the person. Since my research is in renewable and alternative energy and apparently solar-powered mechanical system will always move as long as the solar panel is exposed to sources of lights, I bought the plastic plant thing and I told her that,

"As long as this thing moves, I shall always love you."

This, I suppose, was to give her the idea that my love will never at all die as long as there is light to power up the plant. And since we will never run out of light, at least not in the short future, I thought this gift was the best philosophical item that I could possible come out with.

Because I thought even though it is unreturned, my love could never die.

* * *

Today, it stopped moving.


la Signora said...

So that's what it is!During my last balik kampong trip,every car has this bunga thingy on their car-deck.I thought it was some kind of freaky car air-freshener.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ah. yea. that's precisely what it is.

cik jaa said...


Dev Clarehova said...

Oopsss!!...;p haha... I burst to laugh when I reached the final sentence.I don't mean to but ur writing is so unpredictable..It seems like I am reading novel..