Friday, March 19, 2010

A Writing Tip

Some of you have previously requested a guide on how to write beautifully, my way.

So today I am going to teach you how.

Let's look at the picture below:

For those of you who recognize this lady, she is Anne Hathaway, taken during when she attended the Oscar Award Ceremony 2009. A lovely lady indeed, she will be our subject of writing today. To ease the learning process, I will guide you from step to step of writing process.

1. Know your subject.

Obviously enough, you have to first know what you are writing about. For this one time around, it is Anne Hathaway.

2. Describe your subject.

Define Anne Hathaway. Say, she is of course a woman, from which is I'd say in her prime, late twenties. A definitely tall lady, she has what appears to be very delicate bodyline and strongly alluring clear, fair skin topped with dark, almost black long hair. A set of round eyes, straight nose and beautiful lips. She is obviously looking back and smiling. She wears an evening gown, say, silver in color? Alright, we have enough information already. Let's move on.

3. Pay attention to details.

Let's talk about her dress; full length, bareback, strapless bodice, a type we occasionally refer to as Haute Couture dress, made from satin and velvet maybe, with this glitters of gems and all. Let's then look at her accessories; she is wearing a pair of earrings, probably of pearls, and if you look close enough you will find that she is as well wearing a ring on her right ring finger. Her hair is made into a bun at the back, with a bit of tailing strip of it on the side of her face. Look close enough and you can find a mole on the back of her right shoulder. And her teeth look perfect.

Alright, that's enough for now.

4. Form your sentences.

It's time to make a paragraph of your subject and add some definition to it. Let's write something simple like this:

A lady stands with her head facing to her right side, smiling brightly. Her round eyes look excited. She wears a full length, bareback and strapless bodice silver evening gown, with glittering gems on it, Houte Couture style. Her earrings and ring shine from the light shower. She looks pretty, more or less vogue, with her black hair tied into a bun while a bit of it is left to hang freely at the side of her face, exposing her fair skin.

And yada yada. You know the drill.

5. Hammer time.

This is the hardest part. To write about something is simple, but to write about something and enable your readers to imagine it perfectly like you describe is never really simple. That is the challenge that you have to slowly take and work on. Don't worry. Practice makes perfect.

With some bits of imagination and wordplay, you should be able to come out with something like a full story of just one particular subject:

* * *

From far I saw her standing by herself, amidst the busy crowd.

She looked rather worried, clearly shown by the expression she pulled on her lovely face. That perfectly round eyes looked even lovelier from where I stood, and there's more to that; that dainty velvet red lips and her carefully-tied black hair that exposed her alluring long neck. Her bareback, strapless silver-colored evening dress was extremely stunning - quite an immediate caviar for hungry eyes that long for such exquisite wear, especially on an evening such as this. Whenever she moved, even for a slight bit, the ornaments and jewels that were beforehand attached to the dress shone delightfully, attracting more and more attention from every part of the ballroom.

She still did not see me.

Her head scouted around. A bit of hair that was left hanging freely on her cheek enhanced her gorgeous look by a hundred points; two hundred when it flew in the air each time she rotated her head. Her baby skin looked delicately enchanting; drawing me to arrange my step in the best of manners, all the way closer to her who at the time was still looking for that something that quite extensively has gotten her into a state of worry.

And then she turned around right when I was about to approach her.

And there she went; her tantalizing eyes looked even more tantalizing, especially when she pulled that notably pleasant smile to me. Her beautiful rows of teeth brought up her warmth to completely a whole new level of excitement - she was just perfect; so adorable, so lovable, definitely a dear darling of the whole evening. She looked rather relieved now, seeing me in front of her.

She's just splashing, sensationally gorgeous.

And she was wearing the earrings that I once bought her as a gift - the most expensive gift I could have ever bought for a lady, and as well as the ring that has enabled us both to be what we are now; a husband and wife, and as fiery as the sun could for long still be, my desire and love for her were always intense, and still, never really they were in the past at all satisfied. In fact, they just grew more and more, for this one particular lady, she was just too irresistible. The more I had her, the more I want her - and the cycles goes on. Don't get me wrong; it was not that she wasn't being a good lover to me, no, never at all. She was absolutely the best ever, obviously enough a Miss Right, and never better. No, it was not about her being anything bad that made me wanting her more to be right at the space in between my two arms every long night. And it wasn't because she didn't fulfill any of my need whatsoever, nor being missing, among other things, from my life but;

It's because she's my wife.

* * *

Well, something like that. Good luck!


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good tips! thanks. :)

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Wow, i'm so impressed the way you i know much more better. Hammer time is the most critical part but yes, practice makes perfect..Thanks for the tips!=)

A said...

always find your words are lovely described.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thank you very much, all of you.