Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's Just Say That I Was Bored.

It was raining outside.

And still.

I was alone in the room since the Roomie is back in KL. With clearly nothing to do I foresee myself to be endlessly bored throughout the rainy night. After some time wasting time staring at the wall while computing some ridiculous mathematical logic sequence in my rather dumb head, I gave up the calculation and decided to go window shopping online instead.

First stop, IKEA.

Browsing through, I happened to come across this particular table lamp:

But I did not think that I will be spending that much of money on such a ridiculously cheap thing.

So I dug up into my utility cum junk box where most of my old projects' leftovers are kept. I found this one bulb holder with a long cable, and a matching bulb.

And so came along some wiring jobs.

Eureka, it works.

Soon after that, I took a yellow-colored A4 paper and rolled it into a cylindrical shape and stapled its end to keep the shape that way.

Roll roll roll

So, paper cylinder plus light bulb:


* * *

Gila cozy sial bilik aku sekarang. Boleh jadi stok bistro-lounge dah kot. Pokok bonsai belakang tu dah ada. Lagu Smashing Pumpkins dah ada. Kopi apa segala dah ada. Karpet tebal dengan comforter wangi bau Softlan Peach pun ada. Gitar dah ada tiga. Pendek kata boleh la buat aku senyum gembira.


* * *

P.S: Nak cozy lagi kena ada bini sekali. Tapi itu nanti dulu-lah!


Hidayah said...


W. Suhailaliza W. M. H. said...

yay! you can help make one for me! i'm moving into a new house, and i love to spend a lot on lighting! ha-ha~ ;p

weda said...

HAHA! kalau ad bini i bet dia suruh gnti lampu tu dgn yg ikea pnye jugak!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

aha. thanks.