Sunday, April 04, 2010


Remember that last time when you walked the empty aisle during a dark, cold rainy night alone by yourself, terribly soaked from the pouring rain?

Who came to you with an umbrella and walked with you to accompany?

Remember that last time when you were sitting at the edge of the tower looking down at the rusty metal fence blades that continuously urged you to jump so that everything will be over?

Who came to you pulling you back and slap you awake?

Remember that last time when you stood in the middle of the state road hoping for that speeding ten-ton devil truck to just ram you down and squash you flat?

Who was there to push you away from the road and risk it to being squashed instead?

Remember that time when you were crying at the corner sitting on your tired ass, hugging your legs while burying your whole face into them because everyone hated you?

Who was there to pat your back and tell you that things will soon be alright even though definitely they do not at all; never did, never will?

Did anybody come to your cry for help that time? Did they hell.

But do you remember those last times?

Oh you didn't. You forgot. So I reminded you. And remember what did you say?

"Oh mama mia mama mia you just mengungkit."

Remember my reply?

"Haha," I said.

Fuck you, nincompoop. The next time your boyfriend trashes you again, I will no longer stop you from jumping off that cliff. In fact, I will do the honor to bid you farewell and kick you on the face and shove the cliff clean from your misery.

You wanna cry? Go on. Fuck you, I have no sympathy at all.

And fuck your boyfriend as well. He didn't have the balls to propose you into marriage anyway.



Anonymous said...

she has an abusive bf who has no guts to propose, only to bully?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...


weda said...

if this happens to b a true story, dat girl really should be slapped dem hard on her face d first time u get d chance to slap her.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

that is precisely what I would do, voluntarily.