Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Some Vengeful Ramblings.

A close friend broke up recently.

Not entirely my business to go around and about, but there was certainly something that, despite the saddening occasion, contributed to his conditions to at all being even sadder than he was, post-breakup.

This certain things, like most of you people have already expected, came from one person or more that, commonly enough, are largely compatible to be exactly and exceptionally labelled with the same word oftenly used to loosely classify the female version of every canine variety.

That is, bitches.

Now lets move along and see what these people we gladly and openly refer to as bitches did this time around, before we proceed to reading my entirely entertaining and fun comments on this particular type of people.

* * *

There is nothing wrong with breakup.

In fact there is nothing wrong about it at all. It is perfectly normal, and most of us have been through at least one of the unfortunate occasions, whether or not willingly. It is an everyday matter, and I must say that such event is critical to shaping our ways of living.

But what is wrong with breaking up is when some perfect strangers suddenly come into the picture from completely thin air and start to interfere with things, usually adding more insults to the injury, if not the cures.

Now these people, they oftenly assume. They assume a lot. In fact, this group of sorrowful people could simply come out with a perfectly sound story just from a huge collection of assumptions. And then when it comes to spreading rumors, I'd rather say that these people won the Tabloid Championships over and over for millions of years, strictly undefeated.

I don't usually get pissed over the huge collections of these completely life-sickening, pain-in-the-ass, useless, good-for-nothing and scrap kinds of people. But what pisses me off usually is when they start to nose into my business way too often.

Lets look at what happened to this good friend of mine, apparently a male, who just happened to face a breakup from which he was the one being unwillingly dumped just like those useless shirt you throw away in the most insulting and dishonored way after protecting your body for years before -
"Someone," he said. "Someone who was not at all even related to me and my ex when we were still together, came to me and asked, "why you did THAT to my friend?!""

"This complete stranger then accused me for breaking my ex-lady's heart, when the real situation is that, I was the one being dumped," he later continued.

And this, sadly enough, had added more pain into the brokenhearted young man's heart, angst got the best of him and he suffered silently inside when rumors started going around about what was ASSUMED to happen to him and his ex-lady.

I happened to be in the same situation as well before when these bunch of people came to intervene with some of my past relationships. And I never forget, nor I ever forgive them.

And fairly enough I still have my eyes on some of these individuals who had placed their dirty hands into my businesses up until today - I remember their faces and I know their whereabouts and their doings, thanks to many affiliates and trusted underlings that I collected over the years to provide me some critical intelligence supports. And I promise you all bastards that it won't be long now until my needles start dancing, one after another. I am taking my time, giving you enough clockworks for you to consider to apologize, which clearly enough you never did.

So have fun. Enjoy your smiles until it happens.

Because by that time it, would be way too late.

* * *

To that close friend, hang on it, buddy. I'm always here for you, in case you need me to run some errands for you - a favor of no expected return whatsoever. Name it and consider it's done.

And to that ex-lady of him, hey, you still remember when your life was all FUCKED UP, wrecked and unrevised like those filthy, useless piece of amoeba shits sitting at the corner of the room all by yourself like a bucketful of sad baboon puke all day long back then? Who came to your rescue and turned you into what you are today?

He did. And is this how you return the man's deeds? If that is not a devil's act then I don't know what is.

Give that man a chance. He deserves more than this, woman.


Urutoraman K said...

orang yang suka menyebar fitnah dan gosip, bagi aku, sampah masyarakat.

orang yang hidupnya menyebar gosip dan cerita bukan-bukan (yang sejauh mana kebenarannya hanya tuhan yang tahu), memang sangat sampah.

the word "pathetic" or "shit" could not be used to describe them, for they are the lowest of the lowest in the society.

well, i've experienced it before, and yes, i still expereince this kind of situation.

goddamn you guys. enough said.

woody said...

dem, most of ur latest writings are like a massive 10tonnes atomic anger bomb.. be more cheerful please.. :D

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

K: mereka itu tahi ulat tahi, mmmkay? pengecut belaka, cakap belakang2. bila bertembung time pergi kelas, jalan tunduk macam babi, muka pucat lesi. ah, i dont have no respect at all.

W: apa boleh buat bro. my guitar gently weeps. pergh main eupho sekarang eh? terbaik bro!

woody said...

my guitar gently weeps!
tu lagu bakal men dgn docmat..
(bertaon2 men ni first time masuk final)


The Belogger King said...

ntah.kawan kenal event je ckp mcmm kenal 10 tahun.