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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Without a Wedlock

I find some couples in Facebook quite disturbingly annoying.

Disastrously annoying, I'd say.

Nothing grinds my gear more than to see some of these exceptionally young couples who set their relationship status as 'Married' or 'Engaged' when quite frankly they are not; never did, probably will, but at the moment are not.

And then comes the extreme lovey-dovey stuffs. The usual ones are pretty understandable but the ones that shall never go out beyond the bedroom, now that one is rather critical.

Even stranger, they even have kids. KIDS. I mean, how the hell you've got kids when you still jerk whenever you hear the word condoms?


Don't get me started on boyfriends who to date still have not met their girlfriends' parents but act like their goddamn husbands. Yo! No ring in the finger, yo!

So beat it!

* * *

"Kau bila nak ada awek balik, Jack?" tanya dia.

"Awek?" kata aku. "Pergi mampus dengan awek."


cik jaa said...

kalau awek pegi mampus eh. jap, nak tukar soalan.

"kau bila nak ada isteri, jack??"

woody said...

jack, rekomen satu kenalan gadis ko yg menarek2 sket.. :P

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

cik jaa: ahhh. aku tak peduli semua itu lagi.

woody: aisey, takkan artis xde awek kot? aku ni yang patut kau rekomenkan haahahahahha

Yanne said...

to cik jaa: I loike~~

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

kau nak bergaduh dengan aku ke diana...cis

woody said...

gadis2 skarang carik artis lelaki indie je.. huhu

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

itulah. aku vintage. stok2 woodstock ngan rolling stones. mana masuk dow lol