Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Day in Beijing


These are the pictures that I took in Beijing. I won't elaborate much about any except for some short description, unless requested.


* * *

Fresh strawberries sold at a fruit stall. 30 yuan (~RM15.00) per kilogram.

A kilogram worth of berries. Do examine the freshness they exhibit.

The fruit stall

Yep. Those are the silkworm cocoons alright.

The collected cocoons. There are still caterpillars in the inside of each.

The cocoons right after hot water bath. The worms are removed and the silk is collected.

The inside look of a silk shopping spot

Another view of the same spot. My mom was head over heels over these things.

And all I did was to smoke outside along with the boys.

Next would be the freshwater pearl factory shop

Those glass cases house infinite number of pearls ready for purchase.

Some featured designs of necklaces

A very definitive, stylish and elegant set of pendant, ring and necklace. You can clearly see the price in Yuan over there, just divide it into half to convert to MYR.

Another necklace. I like this one.

The wet market. Strangely enough, there were durians there. The largest of its variety I had ever seen in my entire life.


Next, jade factory shop. The prices are as well clearly visible here.

One of the most elaborate dragon sculpture made from a single white jade stone and crystal I ever saw.

Dolphins from white jade

Puh-Er tea, a type of fermented tea pressed into Chinese characters to bless the buyer. This one cost thousands of yuan. Yep. That is pressed tea leaves, alright.

Another set of pressed tea leaves.

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