Monday, May 10, 2010

Glory Glory

The Team

* * *

The season ended today.

With mixed feelings, of course.

Though MU did not win the title this time around, they did show highly competitive playing spirit throughout the season, and it is safe to say that even though Chelsea won, it was not because MU was pure rubbish on fields but more to luck and player advantages.

I am very happy with the team lineup, including the last minute approval of Berbatov who played well tonight at the Theater of Dreams. However goal difference made it clear that the team was already defeated before the final match even started, causing many sad faces to be seen throughout the home game against Stokes, that also fought its way through till the end.

Whatever it is, the team played well and they did try their best. Best wishes go to Chelsea as well for their splendid gameplay and whatnot, clearly showing that they do deserve the title over tremendous hard work they showed since 2006. Congratulation, Blues.

And best of luck next time, Red Devil. See you next season.

* * *

Next in line, World Cup!

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weda said...

argh! ive missed demm lots of MU games.gotta wath em play live before balik msia. kalau tak rugi je =.="