Saturday, May 22, 2010


Quite a tiring day.

It rained the whole early morning until it somewhat stopped sometime near noon. Much to my surprise, the little kitty I mentioned in the post before this was still sleeping by then since she first slept sometime around 10.00pm the night before. She must be all exhausted.

I named her Haley.

Seeing her sleeping while curling her body around to trap heat at a corner of the box made me feel relieved. At least she was recovering from her bizarre wound. Probably hearing me moving about, Haley woke up and peeked out from the box with one of her hand on the box's edge, greeting me with small cries. She could be hungry, I thought, so I prepared her a small bowl of warm milk and a plate of kibbles and took her out from the box, placing her right next to her breakfast from which she consumed to the last bit.

I soaked a small towel with clean water and cleaned up her face and straighten her fur, for that today we both will be seeing the vet for treatment, and she had to look her best. I then placed her back in the box and brought her to the car and then all the way to a pet clinic somewhere in Falim, a small district right next to Ipoh.

The vet later confirmed that Haley's wound had been infected and she needed to be jabbed for that cause, from which I helped the vet holding the poor little thing as the needle poked through her skin and syringed the medication into her small body structure. She let out a loud cry with her small voice as she held her wounded arm shaking in the air and looked at me when that happened.

If there was anything I could do to ease her suffering, I would do it all, promise. And it hurt me so bad to see her in such pain, but since that was for her own good, I've got to stay with her and let her have it. Her eyes were all round and watery as if she was begging for mercy from me, and God knew how much sadness I have accumulated in my heart by then.

Since her injury was quite severed, she had to be admitted into the pet ward for treatment and monitoring for at least five days till she is good to go home. Quite to my disappointment actually, but knowing that that was for Haley's own good I allowed them vets to take care of her till she's fine again.

When I placed her in her temporary cage that soon to be her home for the next five days, she didn't even make a sound. All she did was to sit still at a corner with her injured arm hung in the air. When a worker took her away into the pet ward, she looked at me as her face later disappeared from behind the counter, her eyes all round and teary. I just sat while holding back my feelings and smiled at her instead, though she could probably tell that our feelings were all mutual by then.

I came back to my empty room to see that Haley's tiny kibble and drinking bowl was lying next to where she was sleeping soundly the whole night before. I sat next to it and as if she was there, I shoved the bowl to her, though she wasn't there at all. There were some of her fur I found on my bed. There was the towel I used to wipe her clean. There was the shirt I covered her from the heavy rain with. And suddenly it occurred to me.

I am not ashamed to say that I wept a little.

* * *

Though I and Haley only met yesterday, we did bond to each other pretty quickly. She ate kibbles in my hand and she was all kind and lovely to me even though she needed to force herself to jump forward each time she needed to move. The cries she made when she wanted my attention and the warmth I felt each time she knocked her head against my hand for me to pat. I wonder how is she doing by herself alone in the dark, unfamiliar place surrounded with larger animals in the pet ward. She must be scared and lonely.

She must be missing me just like the way I'm missing her right now.

p/s: get well soon, Haley.


princess_flavia said...

(T_T) i know that kind of feeling as i have 6 kitten in my house.

Get well soon Dear Haley.

Unknown said...

Haley, comel n manja nama tu.