Thursday, May 20, 2010

The House

It all started from the rain.

All she asked for was to go out, have dinner with close friends and doing the usual activities they oftentimes enjoy together. All she asked for was to hang out with some of the closest friends she ever had and share her miseries over the passing few days just to let out of what she had been keeping inside the same amount of time. But it was all because of the rain.

Damn the rain, she said to herself.

Unfortunately for her, rain started to fall heavily since when she left her office earlier that day. It was unexpected at all, for it had been clear days for more than a week until, making her to put all the blames for ruining her night to every drop of water that hit the ground that night. She ended up having instant noodle and hot cocoa for dinner alone by herself at the huge dinner table located next to the kitchen in that two-story house she lived in by herself since the first day she started working at her current employing company, that was kind enough to let her stay in the company's house with half the normal rental cost.

The house was a typical 2-story terrace house, only that it was located at the end of the row as an end lot facing the still undeveloped bushes and shrubs of typical tropical plains. It was very quiet except for the noise that was produced from the still heavy downpour outside. The satellite TV was down and somewhat she still hadn't picked up the radio set she sent for repair the other day, making her night an even more unbearable one. Sometimes the wind gave out eerie sounds, similar to when a woman's cry every time it flows into the house through any opening it could find. And lets not mention the terrible thunder and lightning that was ongoing, as if a war was happening miles above the earth surface.

When she was done with her meals, she took both her bowl and her mug to the sink, cleaned them up and placed them on the drier, until she remembered that there was this another mug that she used early that morning that she had yet to clean somewhere at the living room. Might as well clean the bugger up she said, and so she went to the living room and picked the mug up, still with cocoa drink leftover in it before returning to the kitchen sink amidst the ongoing eerie sounds of the wind and the thundering sky.

Only to see that both the bowl and the mug she had just cleaned up were still in the kitchen sink.

This freaked her up a little, but not enough to make her go out of her mind. Could be my memory, she said, for when she was cleaning them just now all in her mind was the hatred she had for the rain. Damn the rain she said again while cleaning all the dishes in the sink and hang them all at the dish dryer.

She turned off the lights in the kitchen, returned to the living room and sat on one of the three huge but comfy sofas that were there when she first started staying in the house. She flipped over the magazines she brought home from the office but nothing interesting was in there, so she placed it back in the magazine holder and stared at the clock on the wall. Almost a few seconds following a loud thunder banged in the open sky, the lightning flashed the entire living room and soon followed she found herself in the dark.

A blackout. Damn it, she grunted.

Being an electrical engineer herself, it was not at all a problem to her. She remembered all the locations of every items in the living room, so she walked around them to the main switch box, found the breaker switch and flipped it up so that electricity could be supplied to the house again. When she did, all lights switched on again, including the lights in the kitchen. The lights in the kitchen were supposed to be off, she thought to herself.

Well maybe just some wiring cockup or something, she thought to herself again.

So she went to the small kitchen and headed right away to the switches that were somewhat located next to the sink, only to find that the two mugs and the bowl she earlier cleaned up were right there in the sink. It sent shivers to the back of her neck first before the whole body. Something is not right, she said to herself, and so she slowly retreated her way to the living room without turning her back nor turning the kitchen lights off, her eyes pointed straight to the sink.

The rain was still heavy. Thunder and lightning everywhere.

When she exited the kitchen, all the lights in the living room were flickering out of a sudden, and the TV set was on but only showing static. This caused her to even more freak out, sudden coldness started to blanket herself from out within. Her legs felt as if they weren't there, and she was starting to feel terribly frightened. She walked slowly past the sofas, that the location of each faced the static TV, with every flickering of light made something visible to her eyes - clear prints on the sofas as if there were people sitting on them all but nowhere to be seen.

She freaked out. She cried.

She ran upstairs as fast as she could and into her bedroom which was left brightly lit since she came back from work and slammed the door close. She jumped into her bed and started citing all the holy verses she knew, though the verses she read were shuffled to one another due to her extreme fright. She cried and she cried and she cried as she hugged herself on the large king-sized bed in the middle of the large bedroom. The sound of the wind got suddenly louder, sending the chilly message surrounding the entire house.

And then it happened.

First, the light in the bathroom started to flicker and soon remained lit. The bathroom door was slowly closed from the inside, followed with the sound as if someone was having shower. But that was not all - there was definitely a woman there, and she knew this from the sound she heard; a woman's voice, singing some old tunes.

And then while this was still ongoing, the knockings started from inside her bedside wardrobe and from below her bed. The knockings were slow and could be barely heard, but loud enough to send her another wave of terrible, heart-stopping shivers to her spines. Terror got the best of her, and she cried even worst from extreme fear. All these she could see and hear from where she was sitting. Suddenly the bedroom lights went off and the bathroom door opened. Her heart was any minute to a total stop.

But no one came out.

But at the end of the bed, something appeared - a head of long-haired girl in white dress followed by her body, her skin was so pale and her lips were gray, and she was staring at her with just one eye in the socket, whereby in the other there was nothing but a dark, empty socket. All the girl did was to stand at the end of the bed, staring at her as she pulled her legs closer to herself, and smiling with those eerie gray lips. Her crying had already stopped by now, but tears went on nonstop. She saw her mug hung in the air next to the girl, static.

A very close lightning stroke next to the house, sending a flash of light into her bedroom. She quickly closed her eyes and screamed her lungs out, and once settled she opened her eyes only to see that everything was back to normal. No one-eyed girl, the bathroom light was off, and the bedroom lights were all on. At this time she cried so much to her relief, and after a minute or two she reached to her phone that was on the bedside table all the time and called her best friend, who was also her lover. Lucky for her, her best friend answered the call and she told everything to him in tears, while the man on the other side soothed her down.

He promised her that he will come in minutes and he wanted her to stay calm until.

A few minutes went past so slowly. She was all frightened by the series of events that had caused her to lose half of her life, and she hoped her boyfriend will come soon. She kept telling to herself that things will be alright, and she was positive about it. At least all she needed to do was to stay on the bed without the needs to go downstairs and open the main door for the boyfriend because he had the spare keys to the house.

A message entered her mobile. It was from him, saying that he was already downstairs and that he was about to enter the house so that she won't freak out should she hears anything following. She replied with 'okay'.

She held her breath when the door to the bedroom was opened from the outside, only to her relief that she saw her boyfriend appearing. He right away dashed to her and hugged her tight, telling her that he's already there and there's nothing to be afraid of anymore as she cried her tears out. Finally it all ended, she told to herself. He held her hands and told her to walk behind him to leave the house so that she could stay over at her house instead.

When they both walked down the stairs, she saw that the living room was brightly lit - no flickering, no static TV. She felt relieved. First thing tomorrow, she will go to the office and ask to vacant the house by hook or by crook. They both went out the house through the main door and she threw her looks outside to the still pouring rain while letting her boyfriend locking the door and the iron-grill. Another message entered her mobile that she happened to be holding since she first grabbed it, and she pressed on the 'read' button without looking at it but instead at the rain still, because there was something in her mind.

It was still raining, but how come her boyfriend was not wet at all? That was when she took a look at the mobile for the message from her boyfriend that read,

"Wait. I will be over soon. I'm still on the way."


Malin said...

oh funny nyaaaa jack...
so dis is what you call funny yer...

halfway i baca lagi i dah tak sanggup nak proceed tapiiii you cakap last2 funnyyyyy....

banyakkk lah you punya funny T_T

anyway good job lah jack :)
tlg update blog hari-hari, okaiy? :D

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

hee i know right :b

FarA said...


i had goosebumps! not a fan of horror flick T__T

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ahahah olololololo