Sunday, May 09, 2010


...that I found in my phone.

I was bored at work so to kill time I hereby post you these images taken randomly by me using my mobile phone.

* * *

The other day's lunch - Chicken Tikka with cheese omelette

On the way back to UTP from nearby local town and saw this huge storm incoming.

While wasting time at UTP library.

Chubb feeding the kois at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Club

Entrance to my favorite hideout. Bio-pathogen baby.

Some of the things I got myself fully interested in.

Cyanide. Mihihihihihii..

While having caramel frap at Starbucks, Ipoh.

Saw this grouper having its supper at Carrefour Wangsa Maju the other day.

Took this when I dated went out with Fiza at Barbarillos Wangsa Maju

Freaking huge mushroom from a burning factory en route to Perak near Rawang recently. Was excited - I thought an A-bomb finally exploded around here, out of no reason at all.

Rainy evening at Clearwater Club, right after swimming with Anne.

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