Friday, May 21, 2010

Kitty Kitty Poke Poke

Went out with Malin today for early dinner. Happened to drop by at a local pet store and decided to buy a kilo worth of cat kibbles as to entertain all the stray cats that happen to throw some tunes at me whenever they see me around.

Went back to my block after sending Malin off. Saw this one small, not a kitten not yet an adult, cat lying by itself under the decorative plants they planted next to each block for color-enhancement purposes. I called it and it right away responded by nodding but didn't make a move at all, so I went to check it out.

Only to know that the poor thing has one of its arm badly swollen with a small open wound from which I reckoned due to a broken bone but yet to confirm.

Attended the cat, wiped its fur, apparently a girl, with warm water and cleaned up her wound. Gave her some kibbles and plain water, and now she's sleeping soundly on a layer of my short pants inside a box I happened to keep for occasions such as this.


It's the front arm, right side that got injured.

Gonna bring her to the vets tomorrow. Hang on, kitty! I'll save ya! Ahahahahaha.. oh wait she doesn't have a toilet yet.

Ah crap.

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Unknown said...

emm comelnye. u n her.