Friday, May 07, 2010

One Thing Women Forget

Do not, under any circumstance, poke a disturbed man.


But this fact, other than being the common mistake usually done by females, often being left ignored. This of course is the reason why men and women often fight with each other, but still is left unnoticed despite the many occurrences daily. The failure from which this simple but dangerously important fact to be fully understood has oftentimes too led to hateful events, most of the time any one of the parties, or both, will experience resentment towards each other, and worst, will lead to something that is no longer uncommon in the world today:


* * *

Men are actually very simple.

Unlike women, men hardly hint things out. When asked, the answer "leave me alone" usually is exactly what men mean when for women is otherwise. Not only they are right away straightforward, men are also best in providing the clearest signal by means of replies with the least reactions possible, in order to ease not only understanding but also the conveyance of the message.

That includes "leave me alone".

But oftentimes when the sentence is said, most women will do exactly the reverse. Now it is best to note that there is a systematic cycle that men practices when disturbed that most women learn only after going through a lot of painful, heartbreaking and resentful experiences with them.

In order to assist you clueless ladies about how a man deals with his problems and to avoid many more time-wasting and otherwise useful confrontations in between the sexes, I reveal here one of the fact that you need to not only know but keep in mind at all times especially when dealing with a disturbed man.

So here goes.

A disturbed (angry, upset, disappointed et cetera) man's best friend is, first thing first, his ego. Regardless of how many buddies he has, his ego always stands out far and wide to top the priority list. Unlike women, men don't usually tell his problems to every Dick and Harry they meet unless they themselves open up to say anything about it. In fact, a disturbed man will seem to be much quieter than usual.

This is due to him residing into his own world, trying to resolve his problems by himself, supported by his ego. Although he can easily ask for assistance, his ego will never allow that to happen unless he finds himself to be standing at the end of his rope. At this time it is best not to even ask about his problems, let alone offering assistantship. That will hurt his ego deeply.

Bear in mind that; bruise a man's arm and he will heal, bruise a man's ego and he will always remember. So watch it.

So ladies, listen up: when your man is upset over his miseries - let it be the football match, his car broke down, one of his balls went missing etc - just let him resides into his secluded world for sometime. Don't worry too much about him, in fact it is best to ignore him at all. When he resolves his problems or starts to miss you, he will come out from the closet and gets back to you again. That way, both of you will be happy again after some time of separations. After all, what is missing without being apart, no?

So stop pressuring him; asking him when he will be back, when he will be alright again, why is he behaving like that, what have you done to receive such treatment (you ain't a princess at all so stop bitching that you deserve a royal treatment as if you're one), or text him every five minutes or so just to prove your existence. He knows you exist; it's just that he doesn't want you to be around for sometime that's all.

Because if you pressure him too much and still, he will conclude that he doesn't want you to be around at all anymore. For a long time.

But in most cases, forever.


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