Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Trace A Backstabber

Often you wonder if your friends are worth befriending with. People are naturally untrustworthy, therefore you need to practice a few methods in order to evaluate your friends' worthiness. These are a few simple and easy techniques that can be used to assess your friends and at times, your enemy, if he/she is worth the fight.

Black Propaganda Technique

1. Pick a trusted friend (Trusted) and brief him/her about the plan. This friend has to be a friend of your person in test (Subject) too.
2. Start a fight with your Trusted and let your Subject knows about it.
3. Deploy false information, preferably full with hatred about the Trusted you currently in a cold war with to your Subject , and tell him/her to keep it as 'the secret just between us'.
4. Wait.
5. If your Trusted confirms that the false information you told the Subject, supposedly 'the secret just between us' has traveled to his/her knowledge, your Subject is confirmed a backstabber.

Local Agent Technique

1. Employ an agent, preferably your trusted friend (Agent) whom your person in test (Subject) doesn't know about the relationship you both are having.
2. Send the double agent to gather information about you from the Subject by means of either espionage work from far or direct approach by befriending the Subject.
3. Evaluate the feedback from the double agent.
4. If the Subject talks too much unpleasantly about you to the Agent, he is confirmed a backstabber.

Double Agent Technique

1. Employ the Agent your Subject beforehand has employed to gather information about you, to gather information about him/her and also to deploy false information about you to him/her.
2. This method is usually risky because the Agent works both ways.
3. As long as your Subject does not notice this, your agent is safe. If noticed, your agent becomes expendable.

Inside Agent Technique

1. Find a friend in your Subject's ring who has the least affection towards your Subject.
2. Gather information from him/her without establishing any close relationship in between you and him, unlike Local and Double Agents.
3. This technique is also known as Black Sheep Method.
4. This method requires you to gather information from the Subject's natural backstabber to find out if you are getting back-stabbed by him/her.

Monitor Technique

1. This could be done by yourself.
2. Monitor the movements and activities of your Subject carefully without sending in any undercover.
3. If your subject does something that raise your suspicions, the Subject is confirmed a backstabber.

No one forgives a backstabber. Good luck!


Amanda Eltiqaz said...

i really like this one..coz i even dont have to do all the actually happens around me.. n yes..obviously 'he' is a backstabber.. huhu..i thought 'he' was my best friend =(

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

yep. unexpected, really. the closest friend cum the closest enemy.