Thursday, June 03, 2010

Because Smart is the New Sexy?

Now look.

I don't write to inform you about the latest news.

Nor I write because I want you to join certain radical organizations.

An absolute far cry to gain fame and attention.

Let alone calling for angels to come and walk with me in which is the direction I am leading to.

Even worse, I hardly say anything about where I shop and put pictures of the things I bought. Do not ever expect me to do all that.

At the spurs of the moment I believe there are many other great blogs outside there that offer even more entertaining news and tidbits that sweetened your mind better.

Blogs with neat pictures of things that you like and people that you admire. With the hottest gossips and stories that were copied off from other sources, never original. With images of females in less than 10% flesh coverage and males with carefully-shaved facial hair and no spots of defects at all on their faces. Images of sweet cars, leather handbags and shoes with 30% discounts, of celebrities having their bad behaviors captured live for others to see.

Even blogs with political agendas and racial hatred whatsoever.

This blog is just an online store where I set all of my minds in an open archive where people could easily read and ponder about. This is where my thoughts lie and my words rest in sometimes overly-long written posts. There is hardly any nudity, any sexual references, any gossip or any other things I already have had mentioned above. And actually if you look at the picture of the owner of this blog, I believe he could rank anywhere below the first ten-thousand of the most beautiful people in Malaysia.

In other words, this blog might be boring to many.

But there are still people who carefully follow my writing each day. And for this I thank you very much. I believe you are the people who are tired of reading those stereotypical blog posts and you yearn for more; the urge in you, the intellectual side of you craves for many critical aspects in question-answer exercise, the curiosity in you asking for more of revelations, and much to my relief many of you yield high level intelligence by having all these criteria.

This blog only make sense to those who are creative enough.

The era of the thinking minds have already changed to a certain paradigm where people get more critical and aggressive. Gone are the days when almost everyone dip themselves into cheap news and non-developing information. Gone are the days where everything is about entertainment. Many each day have decided to take another leap forward and leave the indulging fairy tales behind to write another set of overwhelming history.

The key to a strong mind is to ask.

Ask as many things as you want. And then think about it. Get into the race where your mind zooms towards the horizon. Fix yourself and get to a higher standard of knowledge where nothing could knock you down, nobody could ever call you stupids, fools, and nitwits. And don't expect those who got rich and the likes are merely from pure coincidence, because I don't think so. It means that I, like God, do not play with dice and I don't believe in coincidences.

But I am no God, mind you.

Because I believe you are not the people who perceive gossips and relatively rubbish information as valuable. You are more than that, and I believe by frequently visiting this boring blog I could tell that you definitely want more than what you already have had in the pasts. You have a reason to be here. You want new challenges. You want new, fresh thoughts that tell you, "my, I learned something today". You want to do something that matters. And the needs to fulfill these may have been the reason why you are here.

But I cannot guarantee you that.

I could only guide. I could only tell you what I know. I could only spark the flame, and the rest is up to you. I am no professor, but given enough time and faith I probably could be one. All you need is an idea, a bulletproof one. And then you need a direction. I could offer that to you at no costs at all. I could show you the way, I could shower you with hope and beliefs, and soon enough you will realize that you are your own superpower, and God bless you will not only change your lives and the lives of the the people around you.

You might as well change the world.


saadah saadun said...

i love this entry. seriously. =) kalau lah aku dapat tulis macam kau. tapi aku takde bakat macam kau. *smile*.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

You can write like I do, SS. Tapi, apa yang dilihat terbaik dari entri ini dari pandangan mata seorang perempuan seperti kamu?

G said...

the way we think and act are the key to successful dreams. nice one nazmi =)