Saturday, June 12, 2010

How We Met A PhD-qualified Macaque.

Hello everyone.

It has been a while, has it not? Well I have been very busy these past few days; theses writing, pending piping works, AutoCAD drawings, engineering calculations and the likes. From all these mentioned errands I have found myself at a place where I must say that it was rather difficult for me to write for you readers. But wait no more, because it is weekend and perhaps I am ready to unveil a little bit of the things I have in mind this time around.

So what do we talk about today?

Let's take a quick look at this evidently important business on individual fun master Chubb and I had not a little too long ago today.

I bumped into what I easily describe as a rather difficult situation a little while ago in Facebook, where I was openly insulted and embarrassed by what appeared to be, after I was informed, a holder of PhD holder in engineering, an oversea graduate whom I believe to be somewhat numerically older than me but not necessarily wiser.

Isn't that a little too harsh a thing to actually say about him? Carry on reading.

The situation sparked when a lady friend of mine who is also the significant other half of a close friend of mine updated her Facebook page asking whether there is anybody going from KL to Ipoh this coming weekend, specifically on Sunday. Since she used to drop comments in many of my updates, I decided to casually suggest her to take a train instead, first in mind I thought she needed a lift from KL to Ipoh. Very little did I know that she needed a lift for her laptop to be delivered to the said destination, and not her.

Due to this I was made to receive a number of rants and unexpected blowout from which I suppose was not only unnecessary but not helping after all. Now how would you feel when you were to be bashed over things that you did not specifically know but only in significant vagueness? How was I supposed to know that it was the laptop that needed the ride but not the person? There was nothing of such evidence in the sentence she wrote from which one could tell that the ride was meant for an electronic device and nothing organics. Seeing this to happen, I decided to stand on my ground and defended my argument because there was nothing I was to blame for definitely, because I was not only clueless but as well I wasn't aware of her foul mood at that particular moment.

And then she decided not to reply.

I didn't blame her anyway. Probably she was pissed over things that I did and still do not know even until at this hour, and being a female there are times when they go intolerant without any specific reason. I'd say if she was anyway nicer to me and clear things out, I could possibly come out with many solutions to help her out - I live in KL and I have a few contacts here and there that I could give a call to and ask for helps. But after looking at how the condition went, I decided to just move away with it after I did the last comment.

Only to know that a hero came along.

Later informed to be a brother of hers from which I also later learnt to be a holder of PhD in engineering, apparently an oversea graduate, came around to cause some sparks by throwing rather unpleasant statements, more or less a bucketful of insults and vicious words just to prove a point in her post. He did not only make remarks on my linguistic skills but as well on me being some sort of things that are nothing I could possibly be. And he went on and on with his self-proclaimed superiority and the likes just so that he could shut me up.

But me being myself, I hardly shut up.

Having one member of the Mutton Curry gang around, that is Chubb, he and I looked at his comments and decided to play along, giving comments one after another, from which we could clearly see that his degree in insulting increased significantly by post number. I must say that he must be very annoyed and irritated by then, and that was what we were looking for. Nothing pleases you than looking at a PhD holder acting monkey over words, trying to win the throne of power (which in the end he accused me of desperately claiming). The pointy we went the harsher he became, until a point where master Chubb and I could not take it anymore because we burst into so much laughter that the guy upstairs went out and checked on us from the corridor railing.

So we decided to go to a local diner and discussed work over instead.

What we could see here is that - (1) I am not necessarily a rude fellow unless I was provoked to be one, and; (2) a PhD does not guarantee you are less a monkey than you already are. There are two types of men in this world; one who becomes increasingly humble along with his increment of knowledge, and another who becomes unnecessarily arrogant over the same increment. Now the latter is fun, merely because this is the type of people who are, how saddening, insecure and unhappy over things that are purely insignificant and meaningless. This type of people believe that by having a higher distinction, they are far more superior but lets not deny it; they grow overly pathetic over time that it is fun just to observe how they would temper over tiny gibberish.

I was one of the despicable group sometime ago but I then understood that humbleness is the key to more knowledge. Therefore I slowly reroute my journey away from being such hateful troops of so-called academicians but rottenly rude as well. Each time in the class I told my students to be very careful with knowledge, because from great knowledge comes great sorrow, and that they should be very careful with their arrogance, for one day, unless monitored carefully, their arrogance will bring out the monkeys in them. And when that happens, you do not only embarrass yourself from strictly power abuse but also sparking doubts in the people who observe you being a monkey all around.

I have met many who are PhD-qualified. Even some of my buddies and close contacts have PhD certs. My supervisor Ir. Dr. Shaharin has a PhD. The dean of ME department, Dr. Majdi has a PhD. The golf guy Dr. Shiraz and his wife Dr. Azurain they both have PhD. Old buddies Mr Rahmat, Mr Azman and Mr Haris they all are doing their PhD. Even the fearsome to many but nice to me Prof. Vijay has a PhD. And none of these people are rude.

Even I am doing my PhD.

So the question goes back to us to revalue these people accordingly by their personalities not their knowledge. And from there you can tell how respectable one with knowledge is. A degree, a masters degree and a doctorate are only written acknowledgements that say, "ah, you are somewhat educated" when there are a lot more other people who are highly intelligent but do not posses any of the mentioned certificates. So don't go parading around with your degrees, because I could easily pull a degree from my ass from time to time. You don't lose anything by being humble unless, of course, you are a monkey or a something that even slugs will swim across the Dead Sea to avoid or a something that even mosquitoes will pull Ridsect cans against. And exactly a joke to everyone else, especially young master Chubb and me.

Think about it.

* * *

"Hey Chubb."


"You have got your PhD research already?"


"Let's do something fun this time."

"Like what, ridiculous astrophysical effects on lost astronauts en route to the Milky Way?"

"Too general."

"Studying relative hydrodynamic motions at the facial region of a suicide jumper and salt water with specific salinity level?"

"Too hard to get experiment subjects."

"A splatter analysis of soiled baby diapers when dropped from variety of heights onto exposed human cranium waiting below?"

"You wanna be the cranium donor?"

"No. Pass."

"So what else?"

"Crash test analysis: The effects of sudden deceleration to human bowel movements during a high speed car chase that ends up in quite a disaster?"

"I wanna be the chaser. You be the crash test dummy."

"An fundamental look into the effects of conventionally-induced fear of fat women to male health freaks at various age through the use of mainstream media?"

"You want a slap?"

(A few moment went by.)

"Ah, I got it. The topic."

"What is it, Chubb?"

"An extensive study of the follicle activity of the human testicles during the second half of the winter solstice by theoretical and mathematical approach, computational simulation and empirical methods."



Travel-Bunny said...

This totally made me bawled with laughter. Of course, I meant the last part on Testicle analysis!

The funny thing is, I have came across a few people exactly like the arrogant phD holder you're blogging about. This is ridiculous. I've never known a person to be over and above another because if you think of it that way, then another person will be over and above the first person as well. And comparison amongst human is a vicious cycle.

Have a great weekend Tiny Sparrow Ü

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

oh hello shining star :D

well. happens la these kinds of things.

there's no need to enjoy my weekend for you already made my week ;)

Travel-Bunny said...