Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Getting A Lady's Phone Number

It's quite significantly surprising to see just how some men try to obtain the numbers from the ladies they are having their attention at.

Or rather strange, actually.

I have seen some men, grown up men that are, who pulled out a certain number of tricks in order to obtain the phone numbers of their dream ladies, or at least the ladies they wanted to be with. Among the many, I have seen how a man (apparently a friend of mine) sent his best wingman to obtain a lady's number by means of direct approach, how he went through a lot of troubles by asking her friends instead, how he had to sneak around to gather information about her and all the things that are not only tiring but also time-consuming. All these unnecessary acts could be simplified by just going to her and ask for her number personally.

"That's just stupid," he once told me.

But how could it be stupid? I believe in the simplest of manner possible to be executed in almost everything. Why does one need to go around beating the bushes to get to the center of it where the berries are when he could just cut his way in instead? That probably takes him only a few minutes than a horrid full daytime beating around it. Well that is how I see it, anyway.

Picture this; as a woman, what would you feel if out of a sudden your phone rings, indicating an incoming message, only to know that it is from a complete (or in certain cases partially complete) stranger whom you have completely (again, in certain cases partially completeness) no idea who he is? Would that not shock you a little if not a lot? You will start analyzing - Who is this man? How did he get your number? What does he want? - and all these questions will puzzle you down to a point that you start to have certain judgment towards him, often the negative ones. You tell yourself that he might be as dangerous as he is mysterious, and some other stuffs too, but most importantly you will experience the first stimuli that tells you unconsciously that that man is never quite a brave one.

Now that's stupid.

It is stupid because it backfires. Imagine, now that you have painfully obtained the number of a woman without inquiring directly from her, the plan you consider entirely foolproof, but that time when you finally decided to text her up, your text ended up freaking her out, shoving her an even larger distance away from you. Ironic? Ironic indeed.

So if you'd ask me, I think it is better for one, no matter how shy he is, to actually approach the person he is having his full attention at in order to establish a future direct, two-way communication by first asking for her number directly. That will not only save a lot of time, keep a lot of troubles away and at least it shows that he has the guts for it. That his suit fits him and his chin is up all the way, for confidence is always the key to a woman (not to bitches and whores, because these groups of females are just too damaged to even begin with) and with correct measures of self-confidence and integrity, it might just work perfectly than to send out a scout or the best wingman to obtain her number instead like my friend did.

And how did I know all these? Of course I do.

I was the wingman.

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