Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Someone Better

At times I tend to ponder at things that supposedly are not to be discussed in detail let alone to be examined down to their roots of cause. Quite in my purely-puzzled mind that I started to explore things at their nature and surely enough this will usually had me ended up at a point of no particular return where there I stood in the middle of nowhere from a forgotten somewhere heading pointlessly anywhere.

Take a look at love.

An entirely too many of us were promised not a little long ago, if not too long, that every able man and woman will one day meet the significant others, and it is all just the matter of time. Those who have been through bitter breakups may have understood that there is always at least someone who will walk into their door just to say that, "there is someone better out there for you." This purely vague, cloudy and completely hope-amplifying statement usually bring up the spirit in the broken-hearted, sad and miserable people who more often than enough have sworn not to love anymore prior to the unexpected, and at times expected, departures of loved ones.

But come to think of it, who is this 'someone', literally?

They said the only way to find out is to go out and cannon, sink and plunder every moderate to acceptable targets for what appear to be the most precious treasure in every meaningful relationships - the best fitting other-half. And there go all the singles aiming at every possible victim of love and lure them to drown in ponds of love and have them blanketed in the irresistible clouds of sweet romance and promises. And surely enough once a single anchors his/her love towards someone, there is hardly a point of return. Once in love, forever in love. And perhaps the new person is somewhat spectacularly better than the one who left/got left behind, hence strengthening the fact that "there IS someone better for me out there".

"He's my best lover," she says. "And so is she," he continues. Clearly enough, both of them have found their 'someone'.

So they become a couple.

But over time things start to get awful. The usual anyway. A few arguments here and there leading to spores of cheating that soon grow into ultimate affairs, and for all we know ladies and gents, this kind of relationship won't obviously go far. Give in another one or two blows and everybody will put their money on the fact that it is only a matter of seconds that these guys will split up.

To which they normally do in the end.

And one then shall ponder about all the wasted energy and time and effort but most importantly their wasted heart. Another broken heart needs a mend, ironically enough caused by an effort to cure the previous injury, only to see it gets worst than ever. There sit down both of them in complete wreck and whatnot, separated by only membranes of love but an Atlantic-worth of hatred, looking at each other's way, pacing towards a future where there are no promises, over, over, and over again.

And surely enough there will be someone who says, "relax, there's someone else better for you out there."


Zuraida said...

Perhaps if you stop pondering over the possibility of someone better out there will you be able to truly appreciate what you already have now.


anisizatyA.J said...

Sometimes its not about a better person, its about making the person you found into a better one.(Of course unless the person you found steps over the limits like hitting you, killing your cat etc)