Friday, June 18, 2010

Twitter and Me

It's funny just how much information you can gather by just sitting in front of your screen and look at the public timeline in Twitter for a few minutes.

Which is exactly the thing I did today.

So I sat down on my rather relaxing chair accompanied by a pleasing cup of steaming hot coffee and started monitoring the public timeline in my Twitter account.

There was a young lady who went all upside down over her best friend who apparently carried the title of best backstabber ever. She trashed her so bad that even a cockroach will get offended, but in the end apologized over the sensationally exciting drama.

One boy cheering out loud and around over the winning of the team he supported that played an earlier World Cup match. And soon proceeded with over-the-net arguments with the opponent team's supporters.

And then there's this one depressed woman who complained almost about everything; from tissue papers to, according to her, annoying skyscrapers. What fresh hell was this? She just cursed the night wind.

And just another girl of the day letting her inside out within 140 characters limit of each update. Strange just how simplified feelings could get these days. One tweet could easily cover two to three feelings combined.

One man bragging about just how he worked his ass off to buy his brand new car. And then went on and on about it but no one gave a damn about it except for one or two whom he earlier tweeted up.

Some lads posting their blog URLs to catch attention from the Twitter people. Also some advertisements, shared URLs and crappy spam and junks that casually fill in in between tweets.

Some celebrities tweeting each other, showing the world just how wonderful their lives are. They only tweet among themselves even when their fans continuously tweeting them over and about, every single day. A far cry from fan-friendly like they used to tell to tabloids every now and then.

Some young girls cursed and swore over Maxis broadband service, tight dresses, stupid boyfriends and red traffic light. Some cursed because they got fat and then blamed the food.

And there's some of the typical ones gossiping about this and that. As well as showing off about their new Iphones, cars, laptop, and spouses.

And there's some flirting too. Some went on well, some halted in the middle, some did not even have the chance to initiate. Some deeply in love, some horribly heartbroken.

Some thoughtful, romantic, blues and laid-back monologues could also be seen in the most poetic ways, while some were the reverse of them. What a variety of mixed emotions.

All these things; all these plays of often emotionally-driven tweets whether with or without others stepping into the conversation color the everyday canvas of Twitter. Of happiness and sadness, friends and foes, sins and virtues, love and hate, all the crappy things and all that are great.

And then there were my friends, tweeting me up just to say hello.

And then it occurred to me; imagine, just how these wonderful people who have became my long friends since I first stepped into the world of the blue sparrow stayed around all these while. When many of them come and go, these people (and apparently things too) I know - celebrities from the local entertainment industries, professionals from various backgrounds, government workers around the country, teachers from every level of education, students from variety of academias, a lost giraffe, Agent 007 James Bond, a door-to-door cooking gas dealer, Satan, a hardcore pacifier, a sniper, an island, a water bottle and a broken screwdriver - they all made my every day at any time, anywhere.

Ah I love you all, Twiends ;)


Iced Nyior said...

Yay do u love me too? *sibuk*

so between tweeting and blogging, did u hv time to finish your book?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

of course i sayang you! but err...what book?