Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Apparently, the members of The Mutton Curry Gang had quite a rough week last week.

And so, out of the blue and at all the suddenness, we decided to go for a vacation after an ad-hoc meeting the night before. The place we went was Teluk Rubiah, a private beach around 60km away from UTP and around 10km away from Lumut. We were there for two days and a night, and below are the pictures that were taken when we were there.

* * *

Timmy G., me and Bhai

Me and Chubb

The clean private beach

The flower I was attracted to.

The coal drop facility that conveys coal to a nearby coal powerplant

Spectacular cloud show

Some random lines drawn on the sand

The golden reflection

The bonfire I made to warm us up later when the night came

The beach in the morning

Another view of the beach

And another one view too.

Me and Chubb sitting at the entrance to our chalet. I was having myself a pretty nice cigar there.

Timmy G. and Bhai at Lumut Waterfront

Timmy G. and me having our moments before we left Lumut back for UTP

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