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Fashion, Style, and Popped-up Collars.

There are always misconceptions in fully understanding the meanings of fashion and style, and the way to distinguish them from one another. 

As most of us, except those ignorant bastards who don't at all bother to even suit up sometimes, have gone through many latest pages of the latest fashion in magazines and other types of misguiding communication mediums that purely shape our current and perhaps future pop cultures. But as to look again at the definition of fashion as we completely understand, or at least we thought we do, lets go through this definition as depicted by Wikipedia:

Fashion, a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style. The more technical term, costume, has become so linked in the public eye with the term "fashion" that the more general term "costume" has in popular use mostly been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it. This linguistic switch is due to the fashion plates which were produced during the Industrial Revolution, showing the latest designs.For a broad cross-cultural look at clothing and its place in society, refer to the entries for clothing, costume and fabrics.

This means, whatever you see in the magazine pages where models with bodies you swear you would eat a whole cow alive for are put on with the latest development in the industry of fashion - sometimes too developed that it gets so puzzling to tell whether those are real people or some mutated hermaphrodite chickens with fancy hats and makeups - actually depict the real sense of fashion at that given time where the magazine is considered still valid. 

 What in the name of *fuck* is that?! It moves OMG KILL IT KILL IT

Where style, I believe, in the sense of clothing is the way one manipulates fashion into perfectly fitting his or her self individual and independence expression. Style is where one picks from variety of fashions to choose from according to his or her individual choice, and set it as how clothes represent his or her individualism.

The common mistake that people always do is to totally copying, or partially close to, the way the models dress up, from which in their eyes look sensibly fashionable and extremely attractive enough to attract the opposite gender while causing total envy in the other, and both in hermaphrodites. While this case only occur to straight people, it is wise to note that the opposite happens to the less-straight people where they find the clothing to be sensibly fashionable and extremely attractive enough to attract the same gender while causing total envy in the other, and still both in hermaphrodites. This of course make them only fashionable but not at all stylish. 

"Yo you're right. She's a man alright."

According to my fashion-savvy mother who was and still an agent for fashion and various cosmetic products; Avon, Nutri-Metics, Yves Rocher et cetera:

"Everyone can have a sense of fashion but not everyone is born with a sense of style."

Therefore, it can be seen here that fashion can be easily picked up from various available media sources and at most capitalist fashion outlets, and within minutes you can evolve from zero to hero. But the thing is, you are only halfway of becoming a real hero unless you can bring out the hero in you in the sense of style. With the Egometer still halfway to go, you need to check on how you can bring the whole potential of heroism in you, or to women (and some men), feminism. 

"The Egometer is low! Quick, Annie, pop up my collar!"

As again according to my beloved could-have-been-a-fashion-star-but-never-got-the-chance-to-go-that-far mother, from which she spoke to me while she was cooking, literally giving the chicken or whatever shenanigans that were in the Chinese wok a second round of death experience, she again insisted that:

" should first choose what you want to be according to what you are, and then only you choose your clothes. That is how you work on your style."

And of course for the umphteenth time around, my hell-of-a-cook mother was right. 

Choose first on what you want people to see you as; would you want to be a stylish executive, a model, a revolutionist, a rock star, a hippie, a Ronald MacDonald or a stripper (cheapest option before full nudity - all you need are just craps of shiny undergarments and you're good to go) and then choose your clothes accordingly to your preferences, instead of just browsing through the magazines and pick which looks good in your eyes, because what looks good in your eyes could be a disaster to others since it is either you don't fit in those types of clothing, or, or...well that's it - you don't fit in those types of clothing. 

Bear in minds on colors and designs and cloth materials - all the basics that you need to know before shopping for attires just so that you won't pick wrongly. For instance: vertical-stripes shirt might look damn arousing on that muscular model, but if you are the type of person that needs to stand at one place twice to make a shadow, don't even think about wearing it. 

And be careful with branded items. These items, that are often overpriced and seasonal, are also being things that people want to have these days. I don't have any objection against people possessing these items, not even to teenage girls with figures barely showing who will kill for that fifteen grand worth Prada tote bag, let alone to that boy who does not even have enough for food but bears an iPhone anyway - no, I clearly, absolutely, totally and wholly do not have any objection at all. But bear in mind that only buy these things as long as they worth your time and moolah. Note too that people with high status and who are evidently stylish avoid excessively large stamps of brand on their clothing lines, because they buy those things for their quality and they have the money for them and not because they want to show off to other people both in direct and indirect manners by flashing those Jimmy Choo's around, somewhat suggesting other people's attires worth nothing more than just a piece of sun-dried baboon turds.

 What most designers see in fashion.

So you might want to do that as well - don't buy those Ralph Lauren shirts with super-large pony imprints and those Burberry pants with that super-flashy Burberry check patterns all over and that cap with cK letters the size of a Mini Cooper on it. And pull a cheek away from that Santa Barbara shirt with 'POLO' word printed beneath the collar that in order to show it around you have to pop it up wherever you go, including when you are actually waiting for a bus, while you are in the bus, and when you take a crap at the station's toilet. People with good fashion eyes could easily tell your brands pretty quickly, so there is no whatsoever need to educate the others by having your brands clearly visible. The usual little pony (on PRL), the small Burberry Knight and tiny Tommy Hilfiger flag are enough to make it not only less flashy but increase the elegance - your elegance. 

Stop it Edward.

As to conclude this fashion talk, let's hear another one of my mother's greatest kitchen philosophical quotes ever:

"The people who buy branded items with even the smallest intention to show off," she said while she chopped the whole chicken into little pieces so efficiently you wish that knife will never ends up on you, "are not stylish at all."

With that thing in her hand, nobody says no to Mom.

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