Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How My Physics Students Made My Day

This semester I am teaching Physics tutorial, from which I will entertain quite a large number of fresh and young post-high school students, covering all the needed knowledge in statics and dynamics kinematic analysis, force, work, energy, heat and fundamental dynamics of fluids. One of the day where I will be teaching is Wednesday from 12.00pm to 2.00pm.

And so I went to teach this afternoon just now with a rather happy mind.

I arrived at the block at precisely 12.13pm as according to my wristwatch, which is precisely 13 minutes early, from which we can conclude here that I arrived on time. After playing around in the laboratory next door with what appeared to be either a rather curiously-looking electronic weighing machine with exceptionally entertaining LCD display or a complete rubbish of 21st century invention, I made my way to my tutorial room, from which in mind I knew there were at least 50 of them already waiting for me in there.

And I was almost right. From the window I could estimate that my estimate was in range with positive add-value, which means here there are more than 50 of them in the tutorial room, waiting for me.

And as I entered the room by pushing the door, almost all fifty of them raised to their feet and started clapping their hands and cheering with voices so loud the glass walls were rattling. Completely amazed with what was going on, I proceeded to walk to where a tutor is expected to sit - the front table - and the cheering and clapping continued.

These included the girls too.

And then a few of the male students came forward to the amazed me and shook my hands with smiles so wide that both ends of it could meet one another at the back of their heads. And then only I started to remember.

Precisely 2 weeks ago before these people left home for a week holiday, from which no academic activity was at all held for a week, I told them that Germany will be in the World Cup final match. Some were with me and some were not, and the ones who were not came up with a bet - if Germany wins over Netherlands, they will walk naked back to residential homes from the Physics lab, and if the otherwise happens I will have to cancel all the remaining tutorials until the end of the semester. 

The environment inside the tutorial room was so intense that the cheering and the clapping went on for minutes. The situation slowed down as they gave way for me to give my speech out; I could see in their eyes how hoping they were to have all the remaining tutorials canceled. 

As I looked at them all cute students, I said, "hahaha you wish!" from which all of them burst into big laughters. And then we proceeded to the tutorials anyway. 

But what happened to me today made me feel that how happy it is to know that these students made my whole day bright. It lifted my spirits to continue for the rest of the day with a happy heart, and much to my enjoyment I am happy to note that there was literally almost no gap at all in between me and them, and that is what making the class cheerful, relax and entertaining all these while and for the times to come. And I intend to keep it that way. Learning should be fun and not stressful like we usually go through. 

They definitely made my day. Thanks, you little rascals! 

p/s: I have another session tomorrow at 8.00am. God knows what awaits. Surprise me! =D

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