Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inception, The Alpha Wave Style.


Have you already watched the movie 'Inception'? A literally good movie it is. I went and watched it twice just so that I fully understand the whole concept about human mind. Not at all a very favorite subject to be occasionally discussed, the work in dreams and thoughts are usually pulled out from common conversation topics, hence making the full understanding into them to be relatively lacking to other general fields of knowledge. Inspired by the whole idea-planting concept, I remembered this one thing that I once studied with a close friend of mine back when I was in the second year in this engineering school. It is more or less like the activity promoted by the movie 'Inception', but this one requires one to be awake in order to practice it.

So, ready to listen to the whole idea? Great. So get some cookies, make some drinks and sit back and relax while I take you to this wonderfully interesting thing about human mind that most people do not really pick up. By this line I assume that you have already made yourselves comfortable, so lets proceed to the next paragraph.

Have you ever thought about somebody and suddenly they gave you a call saying that they called because they were suddenly thinking of you? And have you ever so suddenly called people because you happened to be thinking about them, to their reply was, "strange, I was just thinking about you," and the likes? Have you had those experiences?

Strange, isn't it?

Human brain emits a number of waves - Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma and Delta. When awake, most human emit Beta wave; the normal brain wave that indicates alertness often associated with conscious activities motivated by self-thinking, exactly like what is going on in your minds right now when you are reading this.

Delta wave is mostly observed in infants in wake state and also takes place when an adult is deep asleep, where unconscious mind steps in to take over the body over that sleeping time, also known as the Delta state but can also exist during conscious state when an adult is in delirium though is very uncommon to normally occur except in schizophrenics. Theta brain wave can be seen in light sleep and drowsiness (early stage of sleep) where later Delta wave takes place in the deepest state of sleep (last stage of sleep).

Gamma wave however, according to Vanderwolf, CH:

"Whether or not Gamma wave activity is related to subjective awareness is a very difficult question which cannot be answered with certainty at the present time."

But what I am going to introduce to you is Alpha wave - a type of brain wave that is emitted when a person is relaxed but aware, and also plays quite a role when one is dreaming. When awake, this type of brain wave can only be achieved from relaxation rituals like meditation and the likes. The more relaxed you are, the higher the amount of your Alpha wave is generated and the more focused and sharp you become. And it is wise to also note that the Alpha wave is at peak when your eyes are closed along your meditation ritual, but as the time goes you might be able to achieve Alpha state with your eyes open.

Meditation creates a mental state where all distractions are blocked out, and the mind is elevated to an Alpha brain state. Normally an Alpha state is associated with higher thinking, spiritual epiphany, and sudden 'Eureka' moments. Without the distractions of outside influence and thought, these Alpha states create the perfect environment for you to train your mind to do a lot of things.

Seriously, a lot of unexplained things.

One of the things, as to relate to 'Inception', is the ability to plant or revive memories of you in somebody's head using just this Alpha wave. Often known as telepathic ability, this concept is widely known in the world of metaphysical and paranormal things and is practiced worldwide till today.

Lets date, lets date, lets date lets date lets date lets date damnit say something!

The idea behind it is simple. Let's just say you want someone to think about you, all you need to do is to get to Alpha state and start sending 'calls' through your brain that are addressed specifically to that particular person only. These calls will then be decoded as sudden remembrance of you in the recipient's head, that leads the person to find out about you. Sounds simple? The idea is, but the way to do it is not.

In order to perform this thing, one has to be at a very relaxed state, that soon allows you to generate mainly Alpha wave and letting you to enter the Alpha state. The people who have this kind of strong, uninterruptible ability to generate and maintain Alpha state are devoted religious figures; imams, monks, priests and Yamabushis - those who practice meditation daily through prayers and the likes in such solitary moments that their minds float from the rigid reality. And to achieve that, we as commoners in such field may have to go through months of practice, if not years.

Pick up the phone already, goddamnit. It's bloody hot here!

Since my friend and I were quite interested with this concept, though many have defied the beliefs into these kinds of paranormal shits, we did perform it to at least two people. We obtained ourselves some old, forgotten manuscripts from some undisclosed sources that guided each of us step-by-step into entering the Alpha state, and we tried it for a week until we agreed to test it out to see if it really works. We randomly chose two people (he did, I didn't) and started sending messages to them for a week. The results? He got the reply pretty quickly - three days after, the person he 'called' approached him through a phone call, saying that she was thinking of him for no reasons at all, leading her to give him a call and said hi.

Now I on the other hand, I was not the fortunate one though I was being very positive about getting a reply soon and it was only a matter of time until it will happen. But days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, and before I knew it I gave up waiting for the reply to ever come. I considered the effort was a total failure. I gave up the idea and abandoned the whole study.

Until it happened.

Believe it or not, after a year or so since I did the test, she popped in my Friendster and dropped me a message saying that she once had this thoughts about me for a week or so sometime in the past but since she was in a relationship and that her boyfriend was acting husband all along, she couldn't really contact me. But since at the time she contacted me she was already single, she decided to drop me a message and let me know about it since to her the experience was very strange. I did not open up anything about what I did and the secret is kept safely until today, along with the books and scripts that I still possess, somewhat.

And that was how I know that that telepathic shits, ladies and gentlemen, are no shits at all.

p/s: my advice, careful with being in Alpha state other than for relaxation. It is pretty weird state right there, really, and it really consumes a lot of energy from just getting into it, let alone experimenting with your waves once you're in.

And don't do it just for fun. Bear in mind that you could affect someone mentally and emotionally with these things, so you might want to note that if it is not necessary, don't do it.


Khairul said...

wow. great stuff. as expected from a UTP graduate. it does sound interesting to try. hmmm

Finn said...

dude. u make me wanna try this

Mardhiyah said...

it's spooky, this telepathy it works on one person but not the other