Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monster: The Apprentice

I have three best male friends.

None of them are Malay.

Therefore it occurred to me sometime in the past, precisely a year back, that I finally decided to find a somewhat Malay best friend from which I can keep as a close companion for many years to come. And so the searching mission begun; I started with a large set of random samples and go through them one by one with careful observations by means of behavioral matrices and matching fits, cutting one off after another, only to see that I ended up with only two persons I thought were purely Malay but, God bless me, both of them are not.

One is a guy from which I have known for quite some time; with Chinese-Malay blood, he has been a fairly good friend of mine for long. Well at least he has a bit of Malay in him. But what startled me was that, the second person from which I have mistakenly took as a Malay, was actually not even close to being one, at least in his bloodline. But instead of making him just a close friend, he further requested to become something else.

He wants to learn about all that I have already knew.

A pure Pakistani-breed, he has since became my most favorite object of apprenticeship from which I slowly shape into what appears to be another me, only perhaps a better version of. Why so is simple - he does not go through what I went through in the past, perhaps not yet, that somewhat made me into something that one can easily relate me to that a jar full of pickled cucumber. What I see in him suggests me that this guy, if properly nurtured, will one day turn out to be the most fearful, not by rage nor by absolute man-made terror, but strictly by being himself alone.

He is the one with such thinking method that is so analytical that he proves to see beyond the limits of a typical human's. His curiosity about the universe, life and everything else is so spectacular that somewhat I see myself in him each time both of us communicate, although most of the time I have grown to be somewhat critically bitter to him just to see whether he will back off from the scare-tactics I put on, only to see that he did not even deflect from them where most of the others have gone away sobbing to their moms and friends, telling them what kind of a demon I am.

To date I have suppressed him to a point that he could take almost any shit from the surrounding people with just a smile - the type of smile where one could easily tell that he is indeed up to something.

Though personally speaking I am quite afraid of what may become of him soon - his intelligence grows by the second and his slick and smart personality get well-crafted at each move, but nevertheless I teach him either way. He is definitely different than the usual others - those whom you can tell what sort of persons they are by just a single glance, or in other word, predictable. He is nowhere in that specific. He is the type of person that can talk to you in a completely wonderful manner and turns into a beast in just a turn of a cheek. It is this thing he has; an inner dark power that even I could not fully understand, let alone anybody else.

It seems that he has too gone through a series of unfortunate events that in return changed him into what he is - charmingly bitter, superbly competent and in a very strange manner, fierce like an injured lion.

It is a good thing that, somewhat, he has problem in maintaining the consistency of his confidence and he has this sheer effort to keeping his anger in a hidden side of his heart, or otherwise he has already gone out of control by now, guided by methods to madness. Against all odds he has his wit leaking by the minutes with slight taste of sarcasm even in his compliments. Over the months he has already gotten it through - the art of charm and wordplay, where most of his intended meanings are concealed beyond his surfacing words. Most people will only understand the surface, while it takes a lot more to understand the underneath.

Simply, he can insult you in a compliment.

As to conclude, I'd say that my search for an able offspring did me many returns, but only a couple or so were the greatest of all, and one of them is him; the apprentice. And I believe with proper inductions and nursery sessions, he will indeed become what I'd expected him to.

A monster.

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