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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photobombing Me

Aku masuk suratkhabar.

Ahahahaha :D

* * *

Aku tak tahu menahu langsung. Kalau bukan ada yang beritahu, sampai sekarang pun aku tak tahu.

Keratan Kosmo! 6 Julai 2010

Gambar dari Kosmo! Online. Source

There I was, standing at the front part of the locomotive's boiler while doing visual inspections on the boiler unit and the wheel rods that had emitted smokes from friction-sourced heat. This picture was taken at Tampin Station where the train set had to stop to give way to an incoming South-bound express.

Waahh I'm so happy :D Thanks Kosmo! and thanks Railwayfans for the inviting me for the trip!


mapetm said...

aku dah tau sebab tu aku tak nak bagi tau, mesti ko dapat tau, last last kau tau jugak. sebab tu aku datang sini sebab aku tau ko mesti post kat sini tauu.

Lina said...


SunShine said...

Wheewittt! :D

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

terima kasih korang :D :D :D

mengada mapetm.

G said...

cool gile