Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pronounced: Dead

Mom called me last night to ask about how I have been doing, about her trip to Kuala Kangsar today and also to update me about the current political scenes in the movement we both are in. Then she passed the phone to my dad who gave an entire update about his doings so far, including his recent development of a piece of land he was working on with his agricultural projects (and dragged mom along with him), a recent car-breakdown from which he requested my views into and then about my brother who apparently is now furthering his bachelor degree study in biotechnology somewhere in Malacca. For the whole hour we talked on the phone until when my mom made a face, according to dad, where he passed the phone back to my mom.

"Hiro died this evening," she said. 

A bit stunned from the breaking news, I stood in silent before I was able to speak again. 

"Occay," I said, a little awkward at the moment, really. "See, I've got to go, so.."

Seeming to understand her son pretty well, mom said, "alright," and proceeded to remind me about their loves for me before hanging up. I let a sigh out and away.

Finally, he ended his life, that little old furball. How long has it been, say, almost a year since his partner, Fifi, died? Yes, minus a couple or more days, the good old hamster had been living his life alone in the cage for almost a year now. 

Come to think of it, it has also been almost a year since I went single, from which two days after I did, Fifi died out of no apparent reason at all. A very strange occurrence, that was. And now, precisely more or less a year after, Hiro left the world after surviving alone the whole time since Fifi did. 

I love them both like my own children, though I do not specifically have any idea how it feels to actually have children. Nevertheless, my love to them is never-ending, and it shall still grow even though both of them are no longer in sights. Here is to both Hiro and Fifi - HiFi - cheers to the both of you, my dear darlings. 

And may both of you stay happy together.

* * *

"It could be a sign, Jack," said a buddy of mine as he tapped the ash off his cigar. We were having cigar after dinner last night by the grand lake while enjoying the night's breeze and the beautiful night's sky. 

I took a puff from the smoldering fermented tobacco roll. "What sort of?"

He took a puff and let out the thick smoke. "Hiro found his peace after a year." 

He took a deep, meaningful look at me for quite some time before continuing his speech.

"Maybe it is time to find yours too."

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