Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Room

In every old and new large building where there are plentiful number of rooms constructed within, there shall be one room that has to be kept empty at all time and never to be occupied at all costs. 

I am pretty sure that many of you have heard of such thing. 

In Malaysia, the practice of leaving one room vacant at all time in large buildings with many rooms is understood to be quite acceptable though there is not at all of at least a clear evidence of such practice has been conducted. 

Well perhaps not openly.

The practice suggests that a building with many rooms; hotels, flats, apartments, condominiums and the likes have to at least have one room empty and never to be occupied as to accommodate the unseen. The unseen here refers to all types of paranormal beings, where it is believed that when one room is designated to accommodate them, they will leave the entire human population in every other room in peace and by any means lessening the chances for both parties to bump into each other to a degree where the occurrence is almost impossible. 

The question is, how true is this?

Well there are accounts of real people who have came across such rooms either by accident or intentionally from all over the world. One of these accounts referred to one of the hotels in Genting Highlands where certain vacant rooms of the hotel are not available for rent no matter how full the hotel is. Although are kept locked at all time, there were people who happened to take a look into the rooms, to which their feedbacks speak of numerous amounts of old Chinese ghost wards and the all soon to fall sick following the observations. 

Don't go in there.

When I was young I once sat with my father and his friend who was at the time a hotelier, all the three of us were having an evening tea session at a food outlet somewhere around my house area. I did not get involved in the conversation but from their discussions I could catch that that friend of my father confirmed that he did leave a room vacant at all time but never to be able for rent and to be accommodated at all time, where according to him the room was allocated for the unrested spirits that roamed the place so that these spirits won't haunt the whole building. 

And from some accounts in courtesy of my friends, I have heard about the existences of these empty rooms at a lot of places; for instance one level at the Petronas Towers being left empty, empty unavailable rooms/units at apartments/condos where they live at, as well as strange, freaky-looking rooms at hotels where they used to stay where they claimed there were noises coming from at night, only to realize the next day that the rooms were empty the whole time. 

I am not sure how true the stories are, but it is wise to include here that I have heard of such things to happen in the campus where I live as well when I was an undergraduate. There are a few rooms at certain residential villages where the rooms were left empty, sometimes the whole block too. I have seen some of these rooms, and I would say that despite the rooms were left empty, one could easily sense that there were lively activities going inside them, though in their eyes there was nothing but just normal, empty rooms.

So be careful the next time you stay at a hotel. Most hotel workers know about this, so discreetly ask for a room that is nowhere around the forever-empty rooms. Though there are too irresponsible hoteliers that for the sake of money, they said, allow incoming guests to stay at the long-vacant rooms, usually the responsible ones will understand you and will proceed with helping you on the matter. 

Unless, of course, you want to go adventurous about things and decide to stay in that supposed-to-be-empty room instead. 

p/s: Ever discover the real truth about where you are staying now, or at least bother to ponder about it? You better.

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Wazie said...

4th floor v5k selalu kosong. aku pulak tinggal kat 3rd floor. hehe. pernah sekali je naik atas sebab nak selamatkan kucing masa hari terakhir di utp semester lepas. oh, bukan aku yang selamatkan. abah aku. haha.