Friday, July 23, 2010

Sing to Me, Jacksparrow!

I can't really sing. 

Somewhat, despite the fact that I once played tenor for quite some time when I was in my primary school choir team, I cannot seem to sing nicely when I grew up from there. I can no longer reach the pitch level or even sustain a falsetto, and therefore I consider myself as one bad singer. 

I just can't push my voice out; it seems to be blocked somewhere along my tracheal tract. Strange, actually, since I used to have so much voice - I was in the choir team for 2 years and I was one of the platoon commanders in the uniformed organizations back in school where it was very easy to see me standing alone in front of the others while screaming my balls off as to give out commands to move them in military formations.

There was one time where I was forced to scream in a pail of water where my whole face was below the water line in order to enhance my 'shouting' ability by the regiment officer so that I could give out commands better. 

But since I left high school, I seem to lose my ability to manipulate my voice to sing nicely. I can sing, of course, but I won't be singing in a manner that is anyway pleasant to hear. Last time I sang publicly, I think I have had a few birds died from being stunned in flight and fell to their agonizing deaths on the ground. Probably a few from the audience had their heart skipped a few beats, and some could still be experiencing the trauma from the terrorizing sight. 

"Damnit who gave Jack that mic?!"

There was a time when a few of my friends pulled me out of my room and dragged me all the way to a local karaoke place and started forcing me to sing, from which I convincingly resisted and all. But let's just say they mistakenly, probably the mistake they will remember forever, chose a song that happened to be my personal favorite at the time. And so I grabbed the microphone and started singing, and God damn I gave them the full 3.45 minutes full and rich with terror that all of them ended up so stunned that they went slightly mentally-challenged for a few days following that incident. 

Thank God they recovered. 

Point is, I can't sing pleasantly, and I still think that I do not sing pleasantly. Though I occasionally sing to some of my close friends at times when I am needed to add an unnatural element to the common settings to that things spice up a bit, I mostly resist to sing when offered to. But this does not hold me back from singing to myself at times. I love singing - it is smoothing and relaxing, especially when the guitar is with me where I can pluck on some tunes and start humming at least right away though nobody listens at all, though nobody really cares. 

That way, I can always brighten up my day :)

And it finally gave up on me.

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