Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zero IQ


It has indeed been a while since I wrote my last post on Farah.

A many great things had happened to me since then. Not everything was great actually, for I have lost my G3 Black Beauty unit - an AMD-powered high performance rig that had served me for almost a year. It's motherboard finally gave up on powering the whole machine, causing a massive breakdown to the whole system. But I have got myself a pretty decent rig anyway with the cost of my right arm and a delightful quarter of my brain matter.

I call her Natalie.

Other than that the paper that Dr Shaharin, a few colleagues and I did together had been presented successfully and I am pretty positive that the progress we are currently making is just at the right pace. Probably in a few more weeks we will be able to produce more results as we all hope. But before that I am to present my research work result before a panel of PhD holders, also senior lecturers in UTP, as to update the academia with our fruits and blunders in the whole project for this current semester. The presentation is scheduled to be held sometime next week.

I spent the last five days without a computer with mostly reading and working out. It seems that I have accumulated an alarming amount of fat at certain parts of my body, therefore a complete workout is imminent. These fat deposits have to go away, and I have been running on pavements at night (because there is no sun at night and I have had more than enough suntan already), lifting some weights, doing common workout exercises and stretchings, and I started playing basketball again last few days. It really has been quite a long time since I threw my last 3-pointer, and it sure did hurt my hands a little from dribbling and shooting for the ring.

But my body feels damn great now.

On reading, I started first on a number of August Man magazines that I have yet to finish up before moving to a little more serious reading, particularly 'What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures' by Malcolm Gladwell; another book by the same writer who wrote 'The Tipping Point', 'Blink' and 'Outliers', all that I have in my collection. There was also a bit of National Geographic and Reader's Digest, but so far that is all. Armed with cups of hot coffee and endless supply of tobacco, I found my solace while drowning in oceans of words.

And then I went through the Treasury of Wisdom and Wit, where I found something, though not in anyway similar but brings the same meaning at least, that is a quote that spells:

"She has an appearance of a goddess but an IQ of an ordinary clay brick."

...and I was fully amused by it and proceeded to post it in my Twitter, that soon reposted it as my Facebook status.

My God, you cannot imagine how much of trouble did the quote make me go through. Apparently, a number of lady friends went mind over matter about it. Endless text messages bagged into my mobile like explosive diarrhea does to an unknowing, innocent toilet bowl. At first I was demystified by the effects that the quote brought, but when a little too many of them came my way I knew I have got to do something.

Therefore, my darling ladies (and certain sexually confused man friends of mine who till today still think they are women), I shall therefore convince you all that none of you possess the IQ of an ordinary clay brick, let's hope so, for I believe all of you are human and not clay bricks. No matter how academically/mentally-impaired you are, you can never beat clay bricks that so far have earned the distinction for having purely zero IQ.

So don't you worry, all darlings.

* * *

By the look of it, I should have hosted a cult already, just how my FB status affected the whole neighborhood! :D

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