Friday, August 20, 2010

Darling: A Proclaimer

"Caused some stirrings in you again now did I, darling?"

I did notice, somewhat, that lately certain words of mine have caused certain degree of stirring in some people.

In this case, mostly females.

It is probably have been more than properly understood to the many of you that I have been using some terms of endearment in addressing, also, the many of you. These terms, most commonly 'darling', among any others, have been actively utilized by none other than me when addressing most females (and somewhat, to no possible explanations, males too) in my Twitter and Facebook as to engage in ongoing conversations with them.

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, the term 'darling' shows the ethically affectionate way of addressing someone one is pleased with. For me, I see most of the people I meet as utterly pleasing, until of course they choose to screw the whole concept up by doing something that is in full disagreement with me, from which from the moment thereon they will be mostly addressed as different variant of female canines and varieties of feedlot swines. Never mind the canines and swines; the real matter here is the terms of endearment that I have been using widely.

Never did I realize that the usage of the words have created warmth, envy and jealousy that soon resulted in turmoils of feelings both to the receivers and the ones observing. The terms have caused certain parties to experience certain amount of affections towards me, while the rest rose to be battle-ready for many reasons, one being that they were jealous with each other. Pretty much sounded as if it is too good to be true, but it happened.

Strangely not to Autumn, somewhat. 

The real reason why I address people with the words 'darling, honey, babe, sweetheart' and the likes is simple - it is just a habit of mine. I picked up the habit from the many French and English pieces of written arts and motion pictures where the people casually address one another with terms of endearment to show affection - from the simplest type to beyond love - and I find it pleasing for me to do so as it cuts the gap in between me and the other persons to almost none in the shortest of time possible. This of course for sure allows a better way of communication and release the unnecessary 'strangeness, awkward feelings' often experienced in both communicating parties. 

Therefore, unless properly informed, one that I have been continuously addressed as 'darling, honey, babe, sweetheart' and the likes can now stop the speculation whether or not I am attracted to any of you to a point that mutual feelings grow inevitably at an alarming rate. If I did, like I previously mentioned, thou will be properly notified. I am not the type who give hints out, anyway. 

I hope this totally undesirable and completely disturbing misunderstanding will no longer occur in the future.

Occay sayangs?


Anonymous said...

i'm claiming i've been doing the same to everybody. except for "babe" cuz it sounded like "pig", and i dont want to call everybody "pig". LOL. your "occay" is funny. DX

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

common misconception on the usage of the word babe. Although once associated with a famous little cute kickable swine in a motion picture not too long ago, the word does not rhyme with or any closer to 'pig'.