Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Physics

Someone once asked me.

"Dear sir," she said. "How does it feel being a Physics tutor?"

I looked at her and instead of answering her, I proposed some other questions. "Which experiences would you want to closely understand?" I asked her. "Is it about the sleepless nights spent on marking the tutorials and assignments, or is it the day hours spent on refreshing my Physics knowledge, or the time spent on other things that are directly related to Physics teaching?"

She smiled at me, and then she said, "all of them."

* * *

This post is dedicated to all the students in my Physics 1 tutorial classes for the session June - August 2010. Thank you for making our class the most happening and the most entertaining. Your classes surely are the best I have ever had since I first started my part-time career as an engineering tutor. You had fun, I had fun, we all had. God bless all of you, and good luck with life and studies. Perhaps we will meet again one fine day. And at that day please make sure you make me proud of ya. Godspeed, and so long, students.

This is how it looks like when you are looked up to to educate these hungry young minds. These are the boys from the Wednesday session - the group that cheered on me after the loss of Germany to Netherlands in the recent World Cup. Naughty buggers.

The Wednesday class. I describe this class as fun and entertaining, warm and friendly. Look at the boys at the most back row. 

This is the Thursday class. Started at 8am every Thursday morning, it took many capable men and women to drag me off the bed so that I can get up and teach these fellas. The two clowns at the front on their knees were the loudest in class. 

That's me at the middle.

Ainul, my assisting junior technician. 

Ms Lyza, my assisting senior technician.

The happy faces.

Sabrina Majid portraiture.

The girls.

Young master Bhai and me. This guy maintains the mood of the class at the highest happiness level at all time. Turns out to be one of the brightest student as well.

Sabrina and her tutorials.

Me and the Chinese Opera Gang :p and with Sunshine there too :D

Me and Rachel. Rachel is an equivalent sample that shares somewhat similar traits with Young master Bhai. She just kept the class going with laughters! :D

Again, Sabrina, with me. Strange, strange.

* * *

"All of them?" I asked her again.

"Yes," she replied. "All of them."

I looked at her and smiled. "Two words," I said while I showed her my punch with my index and middle fingers rising. "I need only two words to fully explain what I feel about it. About my life as a tutor, about my classes, my students, my jobs and everything else Physics."

"And the words are...?"
"Fuckin' awesome."  

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