Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ill-Fated End of Black Beauty

I have a watch.


I used to have a watch that looked exactly like this picture below:

Tag Hueur Mercedez Benz SLR Special Stopwatch Chronograph 17-Calibre Automatic

But prior to the gasification works I discussed earlier in previous blog post, it was very unfortunate that the watch's bracelet rod went off accidentally causing the watch to fall into the gasifier heart and reactor's combustion chamber right away that at the time was operating at full capacity, bearing the temperature up to 1000 degree Celsius.

So this happened:

That is what's left of the unfortunate watch of mine. Previously nicknamed 'Black Beauty', never I thought it will retire from service in this kind of bizarre and ill-fated ending. Nevertheless I will keep the charred skeleton of it in safe, for it was my most beloved watch and it carried a lot of good and well celebrated moments of my life together with its charred remain.

Rest in peace, Black Beauty. I miss you a lot. And I always will.

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Merissa K. said...

oh,dear watch!