Thursday, August 05, 2010

Letters From The Lost Days

I love writing.

Though my handwriting is a far cry from being anything impressive, I enjoy writing very much, and it is not surprising if I can write continuously on pieces of paper in one go without being distracted by anything at all. I started writing for myself when I was at school and most of the works I did was only for my personal keep and not for anybody else. It occurred to me today that made me wonder when exactly did I start to write for people, and slowly each piece started to form a clear picture on it. In order to get into that particular picture, let's travel to sometime a few years back to trace the earliest days in the history of me writing for others' appreciation.

The year was 2002, and it was the same year I first had a girlfriend. As to relate the discussion to the point where I mentioned I first had a girlfriend, she was the first person to ever receive handwritten letters in large amount from me.

And from then on, most of my ex-girlfriends received handwritten letters or notes from me every now and then when we were in relationships. Some happened to receive even after the relationships ended, but it is wise to note that as far as I can remember I never had sent out any hateful-genre letters to any of the exes, unlike the ones I generally received from them at times, post-breakup. Usually what I wrote will be love letters, with words and sentences that I carefully arranged and wrote painfully just to get my points across in handwritten epics, with a theme that could be entirely beautiful, perhaps, or completely the other way around. 

Oh well.

I like receiving letters as well. Being a rather sentimental person I am, I do find letters as very memorable and worth keeping, unless they are of hate and resentment. The latter genres usually ended up in flames or any conventional rubbish bin around me very few moments after I received them.  The ones I found to be worth keeping are now safely kept in an airtight reinforced-plastic container in my family's private library, complete with their archive records by date and senders. 

One thing interesting about a letter you receive from your dearest ones is its sentimental values. You can see it, touch it, smell it, read it, smell it again, keep it, read it again, and the likes. It is completely different from SMSes and emails and other electronic messages, for they don't usually carry the personal effect of their senders. Well you obviously get what I mean here. At times in the past, I opened up the vault, go through the archives and re-read those letters I received from various people just to refresh some fond memories I have about them.

Well, young days were always beautiful.

As to conclude I want you to know that I shall never be tired of writing, and I will always be writing. So should you. You will never realize how much your written minds will be appreciated by their receivers. Try it. After all, what is there for you to lose, no?


Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali said...

Classic. But romantic :)

Nice handwriting you got there ^^

Anonymous said...

i like reading, particularly some personal blogs i'm following, including yours. though i'm not literature type of a person, but i like to read meaningful posts, comments or whatever that have some sort of values to ponder. anyway, keep writing, you can say that i'm your fan. hee

diyah_Noh said...


i'd say that i adore ur lofty style of writing..'ve always been fascinated by how u describe ur writing process & execute things...

keep it up u! =)