Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lusty Sunset

I have a great deal of affection towards sunset.

I cannot say that I am pretty much a day person. As far as I could easily observe, I am fairly comfortable at night. I function better at night; my mind is at its sharpest and clearest when the surrounding is dark, here meaning I don't need to pay extra attention to details around me, hence my ability to be more focused on things I at the time am currently up to.

But of course, night will not land until the sun sets in. And this moment is p
articularly my favorite, second to my most favorite night time. I admire sunset a lot, and I have spent quite a staggering amount of hours sitting on the dead soil of the earth doing nothing but to stare at the beauty that showed as our solar center star descended towards the horizon. 

I would like to share some of the photos I took back in the days that gave quite an impact in my life. Remember, every picture has its stories. But bear in mind too that knowing this as a fact is one thing, to interpret and fully understand the story it tells is another.

So here goes.

* * *


The picture above was taken on a tripod at UTP main lake during one beautiful sunset. The model was me myself. This happened to be my favorite spot for years until I found another spot somewhere along the way. It was fairly isolated and hidden from public view - a perfect place to spend a quiet evening at. 

The Bridge

This picture was taken at a bridge at the main lake. Another good place to sit down, enjoy the sunset and the evening breeze while feeding the many freshwater fishes below it. But during when the semester is open, this place is fairly infested with lovebirds and noisy packs of chit-chatters. 


 Another look at the sunset from behind the massive main lake.


One of my most favorite image of all time, this was one of the very first few picture I took using my Panasonic Lumix. Overlooking the wide open sky with very dramatic spreads of clouds, this picture became an icon of me for quite sometime until when I finally abandon my photo page website sometime back in the days.

One Tree Hill

The one tree hill, literally. This was my favorite spot of all time until the area it was located within was closed for public This tree grew at the middle and the top of a tiny hill somewhere within driving distance from UTP. I used to spend my time alone and with close friends at this place in the afternoon till evening. The tree was shady and the breeze is strong up there. I wonder if it's still there.

Cotton Candy

 Taken from under the tree at one tree hill. See that cotton candy over there? Lovely, isn't it? That's the evening cloud we're looking at. Strange that it looks like that in the image.

Take Me God

Also taken at the One Tree Hill, the image titled 'Take Me God' presents Bhai as the model. This image was very dramatic to me for it resembles more or less myself when I was at the very edge of life - where the ground was shaky, the surrounding was dark to see and the sky was damn too cloudy - that the only thing in my head was to ask for God to bring me back home where I came from,  there came a hand pulling me away from the ledge and redirected me here. 

Strangely enough, the owner of the hand that pulled me back, was God Himself. 

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