Sunday, August 15, 2010

Places of Solace

From great knowledge comes great sorrow. 

I wouldn't put myself as having a great amount of knowledge so far, since like it always is, there is nothing right in my left brain and there is nothing left in my right brain. But I would like you all to understand and follow my lead in convincing you that at times my way too tiny amount of knowledge I have in my very confusing mind have caused me a number of sorrowful experiences, if not a lot. These experiences, when experienced, have resulted into giving me a lot of unbearable stresses and depressions. 

Now don't act as if I am one kind of a depressed maniac or something. We all have been there, so stop being in denial you dishonest people.

What matters here is not what causing these series of unavoidable vein-popping and heart-blasting incidents but more to how to handle them. As for me, I have chosen some ways that can ease my mind and as well calm me down before I start to go berserk and run a naked mile down to the local town at night with two Chinese lanterns in my hands. These ways have always been my choice in order to make peace with my mind, as well as to ensure that the residents at the local town are never to be terrified and horrifyingly disturbed by the sights of me in such agonizing manner each time I am stressed by life.

When I am stressed, I usually find a quiet place to sit down and contemplate. There are some places in campus that I have been using as my pacific since I was first here, and among them are the corner side of the marble-tiled mosque and one of the bench at the grand lake. I usually go to these places at night where there are nobody but myself, and the quietness is so perfect that all I could hear is Mother Nature herself. Unless she is having her PMS or is pissed over some things worth being pissed over, Mother Nature sounds like night birds' chirps, smoothly-blowing wind, brushing old, dried leaves and softly-slapping water waves. All of these appear to me as very calming and smoothing. 

As to double the effect, I will have my cigarette while enjoying them. Triple if coffee is available. 

Other than these places, I usually bring myself to the local train station. Being a trainspotter, I find the station to be very quiet when there is no train passing or/and stopping. This of course bring peace to me in no time. By sitting on one of the benches in the station with no one around except for the station master and the porter boy who occasionally come about and be gone in seconds, the place is perfect for me to sit down and think with no absolute disruptions. This explains my usual appearance at the Batu Gajah station every now and then.

Next place, though quite far away, would be the sea. Ah, the sea, the calming sea. At times I will drive all the thirty-miles away to Lumut just so that I could smell those superbly thick essences of salt in the air. The rushing and slapping and crushing waves smoothen my mind almost instantly. Usually I will bring some firewood along so that I could lie light up a small bonfire and lie on the beach all night long and stare at the stars. There are a lot of them blinking stars in the night sky, and that beautiful sight to me is always priceless. 

As to conclude my places of solace, I hereby attach some of the many pictures I took when I was alone finding peace within me. Enjoy, and do drop your comments.

* * *

Marina Bay, Lumut, overlooking the Navy base. This place is not only beautiful but relaxing too.

The moon, taken while lying on the beach of Teluk Rubiah, Lumut. It looks very large over there, and very clear as well.

Pocket C of UTP at night. This place is deserted at night, hence the deadness. 

Grasses at sunset captured at the grand lake, UTP. Lovely, isn't it?

The side lake of UTP at dawn. The chilly weather bites but the freshness refreshes even the most tired souls. 

Low tide at Teluk Rubiah, Lumut. One is able to go almost 200meters down the high tide shoreline when the tide is low. At the place this image was taken, the water level is almost 1.7meters high during high tide. 

Incoming midnight express heading Southbound at Ipoh Railway Station. This was the last passenger train to enter and stop at the station on that day, 

Hazardous material and waste storage and disposal center, UTP. No one goes here so it is very, very peaceful. 

The Undercroft, Chancellor Hall, UTP. This place is buried underground and is often isolated when is not in use. I like the sunray there.

The Square Garden, UTP. The picture explains itself. 

My own apartment. I live at the ground floor. The sun plays its part here. One could feel the Zen from it pretty quickly, no?


melor said...

suke gamba marina bay lumut.port dating! hihihi

Neyra Shazeyra said...

omg! canteknya hoi

Neyra Shazeyra said...

omg! canteknya hoi

miza said...

i remembered the Square garden photo. I see it and asked you where is the place. Never thought UTP is that beautiful, until u capture it with ur camera.

Unknown said...

niceeeee! cantek!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks, people ;)